May. 8th, 2009 09:10 am
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OK, so far my personal review constellation is either "OMG AWESOME", which is about 98% of you who have seen it so far, or "WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE?" which is basically 3 people I know on M3 or EVE sperging out about it, and I don't really take them that seriously.

Given that, I'm -really- looking forward to seeing it this weekend, but I also have a small frisson of concern. Is it possible that because so many of my friends like it, I could walk in with too high of an expectation? I'm hoping that by realizing that -could- happen, I'll avoid it.

I'm also really hoping I can get my Dad to come with me to see it while Alison and Mom are in NYC this weekend. Dad tends to channel his geek into guns and occasionally Dr. Who and other British adventures (he's a total sucker for The Avengers), but Star Trek has always been important enough to him that when TNG first came out, I remember him making popcorn (no microwave crap, either! Honest to god, popped in popping oil on the stove popcorn with melted butter and a bunch of spices popcorn!), turning down the living room lights, and watching that first episode / pilot like it was a movie, and telling my sister and I that we should both remember it, because "This is important."

Thinking about that also makes me flash-forward to when Phantom Menace came out, and we went to see it in the theater the first night it came out, and the huge waves of fan excitement that were rolling through the theater as the lights went down and John Williams' score blasted out from the speakers. The cheers at the lightsabre fights, 'oohs' and 'aahs' at the podrace, and the applause as the movie ended.

In retrospect, it really wasn't that good, but that excitement of getting to see it with a theater full of excited fans, that was really something special, and I think it'd be nice to get that again.


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