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What you are about to see is completely and utterly unsafe for anyone.

By popular request...the Bacon Explosion.

Bacon Explosion2

So, for our first step, we needed to create the bacon 'mat' that we'd eventually roll this bad boy up into. The original version claims they did this with a 5x5 weave. This is bullshit, because unless their bacon is much wider than normal, there's no way you're gonna squeeze two pounds of sausage on here and still have it be rollable. So we ended up going with a 7x7.

Bacon Explosion

This is the first time I've ever had to weave using pork products. It's surprisingly easy! Just find a good pattern and you'll be done in no time. I went "Up", "Down", "Up", "Down", "Up", "Down", "Up"

Bacon Explosion

You want a nice tight weave, no gaps, to help seal in the soon to be delicious flavor.

Then, add your rub. I used a variant of my usual with toasted onion and smoked paprika to help bring out the bacon flavor a bit more. You want a good layer (this will not only season the meat, but helps with keeping the sausage from sticking to the bacon when you roll it.

Bacon Explosion

Then, apply the sausage. You want a nice even layer, so you're basically making a gigantic hamburger patty that should line up as close as you can to the edges of the bacon weave.

Bacon Explosion

Once this is done, get the other half of your bacon cooking. We did ours in the oven, but frying it is fine too. While that's cooking up, I decided to put a layer of BBQ sauce down. I didn't really measure, just try to make it a nice even coat.

Bacon Explosion

Thanks to the magic of "I already did this before I started posting", the bacon is done! We sliced it up to make some nice sizes for rolling it - crispy, but still with a little give it in so it'll flex but not shatter when it's rolling time.

Bacon Explosion

Putting on the bacon, once again you want a nice even layer as best as you can.

Bacon Explosion

Here's a nice glamour shot.

Bacon Explosion

We sprinkled on some more rub before rolling it up.

Bacon Explosion

Getting the rolling started without breaking the sausage layer is VERY HARD. Go slowly and you'll want to frequently press down to push out any air bubbles. Once you're off the bacon mat and it's begun to roll up, it will start getting easier. Alex suggested that you could almost call it a 'Bacon Katamari' by the time you reach the end of the roll.

Bacon Explosion

Once you hit the end, pinch in the ends, try to smooth out any gaps, and make sure the bottom has a decent seal. Then lift up from the bacon mat and start rolling it right back in the other direction to bind the bacon to the sausage roll.

Bacon Explosion

You're all dressed up, but we're not quite done yet...

Bacon Explosion 018

Go ahead and season the outside with rub as well. We basically sprinkled rub on the foil around the BE, then rolled the BE from side to side to coat the bottom, then rubbed it in on the top.

Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion

The smoker's at 250 and I expect the BE will take about 3 to 3.5 hours. I'm going to put a thermal probe in after an hour or so, and we want it to get to an internal temp of 165.

Once it's done, I'll be back with pictures of the finished product.

Bacon Explosion

And several hours later? Here we are!

Bacon Explosion 024

We decided not to glaze it with BBQ sauce - we simply served it on the side if people wanted it.

Bacon Explosion 026
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