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Just a followup / anecdote from this morning.

I'm a 'get the shower warm' person, too. So this morning I got the shower going while I brushed my teeth. As I did so, Mr. B decided to come into the bathroom to see what I was doing, because he's part of that cat subsect that -MUST SEE- what is going on when a person goes into the bathroom.

After a cursory inspection of my legs, the sink, the toilet, and the door of the medicine cabinet, he decided to start poking at the shower curtain. Normally this doesn't last very long and he leaves.

Today, for some reason, he decided to start playing with the curtain until he had flipped an edge over, exposing a path into the shower.

I looked over at him, and said "That's really not a good idea."

He blinked at me and then he jumped up on the edge of the tub and started to play with the curtain for a bit.

"That's -really- not a good idea."

He continued to go about his business and I shifted over away from the tub, because I could see what was coming next.

Turning his attention to the tub / shower proper, he leapt in....and about 3 seconds later a flurry of claws and teeth burst back out and gave me a look of utter betrayal.

"I -did- warn you."
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