Jan. 2nd, 2009

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Got up, cleaned up, and made a run to the store for Chex Mix of the GODS ingredients and a few party supplies.

Got the chex mix into the oven and the cheese and sausage balls into the freezer a bit before Dave arrived, and Steve and Noelle shortly after.

Dave was good enough to bring awesome lunch supplies since that totally slipped my mind in making all the party tray food.

The Winter Classic was quite well presented and Chicago clearly went all out to put on an awesome show. Damned shame that the Red Wings won.

Steve connected with the Rock Band Fender P-Bass we bought him like it was his long lost symbiote. After a brief adjustment period while he fiddled with it, we shredded through a ton of songs in RB2, including a 6 song setlist full of new stuff, where he hit 98% or better on EVERYTHING. It is good to make your Bassist happy, even when he's a virtual bassist. :) Noelle also really enjoyed the bath and bodyworks stuff we got her, which was a relief because Alex and I had a HELL of a time figuring out what she'd like, and I swear I huffed so many B&BW samplers figuring out the right scents that I had exfoliated my sinuses at the end of the day.

The Orange Bowl started great, but man, Chris Pike shat the bed. I fully expect that when he goes to the NFL combine in a couple of months, he will be strapped into this.

The first day of 2009 was full of friends, cooking, music, and laughter. Yes, I think this will do nicely.
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Good: Jackets KICKING ASS, really good food at the new Hoggy's on Sawmill. Got out of work early.

Bad: Borders was out of nearly EVERYTHING I tried to pick up. Settled on Hellsing #9 and Black Lagoon #1 because every book I tried to get (Alchemy of Stone, Saturn's Children, Sly Mongoose, Watching the Watchmen, DW: The Writer's Tale, Vorkosigan Companion) were sold out or only by order.

Spoiler for Hellsing Manga )

Oh, well. Life is good.


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