Feb. 10th, 2009

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  • 13:09 I 'love' how people will constantly talk about the most vile shit around me while I fix their stuff because I'm the invisible IT guy. ugh. #

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OK. I am not a fan of the Detroit Red Wings. At all.

But I have to admit that this was really, really classy.
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So, after a missed attempt this weekend, today [livejournal.com profile] kaote and I went out to see Coraline. Unfortunately, Alex didn't feel up to coming along.

We hit the Lennox so we could see it in 3-D, and I'm glad I did. I felt like there were several scenes and sequences that the 3D worked really well with.

Props to all the voice acting, the design, and the art direction was just freakin' incredible. I also had several moments of 'Wow, how did they get that through in a kids movie?'

I understand why some people have been going "OMG TIM BURTON" based on some of the previews and artwork, but it really isn't. There's only one part that I felt maybe had a little 'Burton' feel to it, but it was a respectful nod, not a ripoff, and even then, not that much.

After the movie, we hit that new Del Sol mexican place that replaced Don Pablos, and it was -really- good. My only regret was that we were both really too full for dessert, so we didn't try the white chocolate and banana dessert quesadilla. It sounded -so good-.

There will be a return trip. Oh, yes.


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