Mar. 1st, 2009

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OK, so back a little while ago, [ profile] flaggerx mentioned that there would be a Columbus 'Alley Rally' race, and asked if I'd be interested in doing it.

Since the idea of racing seems really fun but A) I don't have the money to drop onto a dedicated race car and B) I'm not exactly built like a jockey, the idea of a fun run around town, going off checkpoints and answering questions at various places in street legal cars sounded pretty fun! I'd been feeling a bit crap after this week, but I did want to try it, so Dave and Nancy came over, and we went down to the start point on Bethel Road. Me driving, Dave navigating, and with Nancy and Alex as spotters for us to help.

Reality set in a little after we actually went out to do the thing.
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I felt bad at the end of the night because this had been, on paper, an exciting and fun idea. I felt bad because of how frustrated I got with something that was supposed to be fun, and for nearly losing my temper at friends. On the plus side, dinner was pretty decent, and we all burned off our stress with a lot of jokes and healthy smacktalking to each other. (One other thing that just occurred to me - aside from talking to a few people before we got going and at the UDF? Nobody actually bothered to talk to us. Not even someone coming by to say 'Oh, hi, are you new?' For an event that is supposed to encourage people to come back, they did a HORRIBLE job of trying to actually make a personal connection to retain anyone...)

I ended up telling Dave that I'd like to try this again some time, but I don't want it to be one that this particular rally club is running.
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Jackets lose in Vancouver - on the downside, it was a chance to take over 5th.

On the upside, we're still in 6th, and will have a chance to play LA at home on Tuesday. We don't have any more west coast / Pac NW road trips, and from here on out, over half the remaining games are at home. As the season goes, we hold a 3-1 record over Vancouver for the year, so if we end up tied with them, we'll win the tiebreaker.

Plus, the trade deadline is Wednesday, and every indication is Howson -will- pull some deals to get us more offensive help.

This isn't anything worse than a stumble. The BELIEVE TRAIN will chug onward.


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