Mar. 8th, 2009


Mar. 8th, 2009 12:59 am
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Jackets -smoke- the Red Wings. It was 4-0 at one point, and the final score ends up as 8-2, including a Hat Trick by Nash.

Wins like this give both the players and the fans hope of the post season....and frankly, ought to scare the SHIT out of anyone we play in the first round. :)
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  • 12:51 @CLBClippers - Oh, man, that new scoreboard is beautiful! #
  • 20:59 I think Mr. Nash wants a hat. #
  • 21:00 Oh, the Rout is On. #
  • 21:03 LET'S GO JACKETS! #
  • 21:18 MR. NASH GETS HIS HAT. #
  • 21:23 @lightthelamp - Hell yeah, sir. Hell yeah. #
  • 22:20 @andynewman - Life is, in fact, very good. #
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Well, that was a longer day than I expected.

Getting up this morning in search of my stolen hour, I was still going through the morning routine when we heard a terrible crash outside - it turned out that our back gutter had decided this was a good time to leave.

We headed to home depot for a ladder, and originally intended to pick up replacement nails, but a very helpful dude there pointed us to a clamp and screw "gutter pins" that -really- did an amazing job once we got them into place. We also ended up renting WAY TOO MUCH ladder, but ah, well. Lessons learned.

The only problem we found, after getting home, was that our existing cordless drill was nowhere near strong enough (only a 3.1v) to drive the pins into place.

So, since Sears had a sale on drills, I decided to head to Sears Hardware, which was a terrible, terrible mistake.

I go in, and I find a nice 14.4v drill set. This one, in fact!

As I'm getting ready to check out, a store guy comes up and asks if I've got everything I need, so I decide to take a second and explain what I intended to do, and make sure it's the right tool.

"Well, that one can probably, yeah, but you might think about one of the Lithium-Ion powered drills's actually a bit more torque for a bit cheaper."

Really? OK, that seems pretty reasonable, so I change over. Ring up on card, walk out, done...

Except I get out to the parking lot and notice the box mentions it not having a battery. Shit.

OK, so back in, and I find the same guy.

"Excuse me, but what type of battery do I want for this?"

"Oh, sorry! I'm so used to guys buying these who already have one." We go over to the rack o' really expensive batteries, I take the least painful option, and I leave another $70 lighter. But, we're done, right? That's everything and we can finish the job now.

So, all that figured out, I head home, unpack everything....and there's no charger. Funny how he didn't mention that, huh?

More than a little pissed off, I go back and the first thing Mr. Sales guy says as Alex and I go back through the door is "OH! You're back again, huh?"

...Alex had to grab me by the shoulder to prevent me from doing something very, very stupid.

As it was, I gave the returns clerk some very detailed and descriptive comments as I made -utterly- sure the drill I'd actually intended to buy in the first place would actually work OUT OF THE FUCKING BOX (minus time for appropriate battery charging), had money returned to me, and we went home.

After allowing about a half hour to charge the drill's battery pack with it's provided charger (amazing!), Alex and I were able to clean out and re-hang the gutters in about 10 minutes, put the drill back in the house, and drive the rented ladder back to home depot.

If I have learned NOTHING else today, I have learned that the people at Home Depot played straight and made helpful suggestions, and the people at Sears Hardware are lying sacks of shit.

I consider it a very valuable lesson.


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