May. 27th, 2009

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Via Alexxx:

Vote for TSN's remixes of Depeche Mode!
Okay, so first, a quick update: several new TSN songs are done, and the progress toward the next album (30 songs from which we'll cull 10 or so) is steady, at last. Two or three of these tracks will see the light of day on compilations soonish. We'll also be putting the New World EP up on iTunes shortly.

But the main reason for this post is that TSN has completed two remixes of Depeche Mode's "Peace" for DM's official remix contest hosted over at Because the contest winners are determined in part by how many votes they get, we are asking — nay, BEGGING — you to register an account at

and to give our mixes a listen. One is a straightforward "classic" DM synthrock mix, and the other is a 100% a cappella fugue and chorale.

If you like them, please click "SPIN THIS" to vote. Feel free to listen to others; there are something like 800 remixes of the song up there.

The winning remix gets an official release on Mute Records.

Seriously, LISTEN TO THE FUGUE. It is really, really, really good and deserves note.

I also thought the synth remix wasn't bad, but the fugue. OMG, the fugue.


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