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Beatriz - is she perhaps the Good Angel to Virgil's Faust? I keep thinking that the quote I found for her was a bit too accurate.

She seems to be an atypical SRMD sufferer, for that matter. She sees the desire to conquer the world, but she sems to have driven it all into her research. She's seen the power and the fire, but controls it and uses it for herself, rather than being used by it.

She's offered Virgil many outs, and tried to give him every freedom she could, but he never quite figured out how to reach her.

And the more I think about her, she seems almost more like a Martian than a mad scientist...

What are the chances that Beatriz could be a missing link between SRMD and the more stable Martians?
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I had an idea for a really neat MoS wallpaper - I even managed to get the clean art (no text or panel lines) to make it with. But my art skills fail at that point. (Plus, no photoshop. :D)

Would anyone like to help me make a wallpaper that I'm going to give back to the MoS guys as a thank-you? I can send you the TGA file I've been working with, plus what I planned to do. I just need someone with the skiznils I lack to help me finish it.

Needless to say, full credit to whomever helps. :D


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