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Dinner tonight ended up being a "Something that can sit for a bit" situation, so I ended up finding a nice simple recipie and stuck with it.

Not bad at all, but I now have ideas on what to do for next time to make it MUCH BETTER.

Since [ profile] samiblackmire wanted to see more of my kitchen-fu anyhow, I thought I'd post both the original, and my PLANS for next time.

So, here we go. )
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Well, I didn't really write much this holiday weekend, but I assure you that things happened.

-Celebrated both Lisa's birthday and our anniversary with large BBQs and friends. This was VERY good. Lisa
also found new fishnets and tennis shoes with skulls on them. :D

-The new grill is a thing of might and beauty. 50 pounds of cast iron and ceramic goodness, and the cooking we've done has been incredible. Well, OK, Alex has done most of it. I've done some burgers and about half the cooking on some brats, but it's all been good.

-Spent probably far too much time in CoH, but it was fun (mostly.)

-Worked a deal with a guy off Bartertown that will give me 3 more tac squads, fill out 2 Assault squads, and I'll have some spare marines to give to Chris and Jaymie so she can learn how to paint them, and Chris can learn how to get all shooty.

-Seriously debating getting into the new 'Nids.

-Seriously debating a subscription to White Dwarf.

-Got a nice pair of sandals to help with some blisters on my feet. Wish I could wear them to work.

-Almost slept through my alarm today!

With the exception of my very disrupted sleep schedule, and a lunch on Friday that didn't work out quite the way we'd hoped, it was a very good weekend, spent with friends and loved ones.


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