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Finished my Razorbacks. I now have 2 squads that can work as cavalry, and a 3rd "Foot" Squad which I want to fill out with a Plasma Cannon for the heavy weapon, and a Meltagun marine for the in-close gunner.

...which leads the next question: Anyone have meltagun or Plasma bitz? :D I'll probably end up ordering some or seeing if Chris can get me some while he's at the Games Day, but...

Edit: And while I was at it, I decided to take the non-legal Predator I got as part of my original DA army (main armament was fine, but having a Heavy Flamer on one sponson and an Autocannon on the other = BAD) and turned it into a Predator Baal with 2 heavy flamers, at the cost of a plastic Termie I wasn't using anyhow. :> Whee! My first "conversion" so to speak.
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Encouraged, perhaps even seduced to do an alt for his new sub-SG from the City Watch, and enticed by the idea of getting to do some CoH RP on regularly scheduled nights, I've created (yet another) new alt. Replaced Control Rod since I haven't really enjoyed playing him, and I'll have one slot left on Virtue for my eventual Peacebringer when I get Doyle to 50. (2.75 levels to go...)

He's a Rad/Dark defender.

Charged by the power of City Watch Enterprises technology and intravenous mocha...


Find him on Virtue for a quick pick-me up.
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Dear Jack,


I'm a huge fan of City of Heroes. I kept watching what my friends who got into the Beta were doing, I got interested, and I bought the game as soon as I could. I've been playing since before issue 1. I've been all over the maps. Hollows, Striga, Talos, Peregrine, Portals, you name it, I went there.

I've played every AT except Kheldians, and I'm pretty close to hitting 50 and making one of those, too.

I LOVE THE GAME. Ok? I drank the kool-aid and I'm in the Program.

Now that we've got some background...

What the hell are you thinking with the new Comic Book, Jack?

This isn't even close to the game, the story, or the NPC characters you created. Why, exactly, is it supposed to make ANYONE want to play?

And the last panel of issue 2? What?! WHAT?

You did NOT just do that.

Now, I'm willing to admit that it's entirely possible that you don't have control of what Waid is writing, and that Mark Waid may not have actually played the game, isn't giving you input, and he's just building this thing off his own imagination rather than anything which has to do with the game.

If that's the case? Can you go in, get with Mr. Waid, and slap him around. Maybe a nice, gentle cockslapping.

Well, not that gentle. Drop the pants, whip it out, and break his nose with it.

This comic would turn me off the game if I hadn't played CoH before I read it. For that matter, I'm not even going to read the comic from here on out. All I'm going to do is read the still EXCELLENT Tim Buckley 4-panels in the back and throw the rest out, until you pick up a new writer.

Hey, here's an idea: Tim Buckley and Scott Kurtz actually did a good job of capturing the feel of the game. A great, funny, interesting, made my friends want to play, kind of job.

Get them to do it.

Love, kisses, and get me I5 soon so I can make an Archery Blaster,



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