Oct. 7th, 2006 10:38 pm
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The overgrown jungle that the previous owner left us instead of a back yard has been, for the most part, tamed. It required 2 days of mowing, and I still need to trim a few areas back with the weed whacker due to obstacles, but I can look out my window and see something other than 2 and a half feet of grass and weeds, so I'm pretty comfortable with that.

Even better, he actually bothered to periodically mow the front lawn after we went into contract (just in case we fell through, I suppose), so it only took one quick pass.

The Living Room's pretty much been assembled, and all the electronics wired, with the exception of the HDTV tuner coming from WOW cable on Tuesday, and the games, books, and movies unpacked. Next step is trying to figure out the basement, and probably the transfer of quite a bit of what will turn out to be extra furniture to the garage, and either a lot of stuff gets unpacked, or it goes into the utility room or garage for the forseeable future. I think that may end up being our project for tomorrow, but we'll see. We also drilled in the surround sound speakers, though we found out a little too late that at first we'd bought the wrong style of anchor for our wall, so I also had to do a little bit of spackling in there.

We now have groceries and can (GASP!) start cooking meals again, and even topped it off with a new set of pots and pans that actually all match (shock!) and better spatulas and heavy cooking utensils. Thank you, USPS, for your large discount offers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (I'm not kidding - we got a 20% off thing in our official "Change of address confirmation" letters.)

Home improvement wise, I got some concrete caulk to help seal up the crack between the foundation and the front step, but it's widened enough that I think I'm going to actually go get some of the heavy duty filler foam, spray that in, and then seal up any gaps with the caulk, so that'll be tomorrow's exciting plans. We're also looking at an additional pantry cabinet to go next to the oven, and perhaps another bookcase for Lisa.

...yes, one of the cashiers at Home Depot does recognize Alex and I when we go in. I expect we'll be on a first name basis soon.

Such is my exciting life as a homeowner.

Pictures of the place will probably come once we've gotten the kitchen and basement into a slightly lower entropic state, I think.

To Do List

Oct. 1st, 2006 11:28 pm
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-Call Home Warranty / Gas Line Warranty re: Cutoff valve Appointment scheduled for tomorrow.
-Replace fan blades on ceiling fan (Installing screws into a surface designed to rotate freely? Tons of fun.)
-Install dryer hose
-Return dollys
-Drop off last set of old apt. keys

-Unpack more, dammit
-Check sink bracing and plumbing re: filter installation

I'm really, really not feeling well, and my body's currently in a state of hating me. Depending how I feel when I wake up, I may call into work, sleep in a bit, and then try to tackle some more of the jobs before me.
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Well, more than a few misc. items that nobody wanted were "disabled and abandoned", to use the martial terminology, but we're here, despite a U-haul that broke down before I even drove it off the lot, and finding several other problems as we went.

...99% still in boxes, and I slept on the couch last night because I couldn't reach my bed, but we're here!

Today my room is mostly back together, though I've still got a good bit to unpack, and my car is still loaded with so much stuff that I can't see inside of it.

Much gratitude and great thanks to Dave, Jon, Justin, Rich, and Todd. You really were absolutely awesome.


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