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You may now purchase... your own personal sakabatou.*

*Liklihood of weapon being a masterwork by Muramase or actually helping you perform Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu moves not guaranteed by manufacturer. Tsubas will not have 'B.M.F.' embossed into them. No, not even the kana for 'B.M.F.' How would that even work, you little pervert. Do not eat iPod sakabatou.
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[ profile] silentsteel, I think you're somehow connected to this.
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So, I went home for lunch like usual, and realized we really needed to do dishes.

After getting the dishwasher all set up to run, I realized that we didn't have enough dishwasher soap.

That's when I noticed we had 3 bottles of dishwashING liquid under the sink.

Ah-hah!, I thought, This ought to let me fill in the rest, right? And it'll probably work just the same.

Anyone who has a five year old probably knows what happened next.

Making my lunch, making my lunch, look over at the dishwasher, hey, look the dishwasher has a WALL OF FOAM coming out of it.


Cue emergency shutting off of the dishwasher, grabbing an armful of towels, moving the cat dishes out of the way of the slowly marching water and foam, and a lot of cleanup.

There were a few upsides, though.

1) I guess I won't need to mop the kitchen floor this weekend.
2) When I opened the dishwasher to pull the dishes out of the foam, rinse them, and put them in the drainboard, they were CLEAN.

The dishwasher's still pretty full of suds...hopefully they'll drain out before tonight...


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