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felislachesis: finally picked up that call from Charleston, SC
bzarcher: Who was it?
felislachesis: some telemarketer
felislachesis: looking for you
bzarcher: Oh, cute.
felislachesis: or... Mrs. Wagner *cough*
bzarcher: Oh, well.
felislachesis: yeah
bzarcher: I suppose, under common law, that's technically you.
bzarcher: It's 3 years of co-habitation, right?
felislachesis: O.O
bzarcher: heheheheheh.
felislachesis: dude, you haven't put out in any of that time, I want a divorce!
bzarcher: Aw, c'mon honey. You already know how to make me a steak and get me a beer just about perfect.
felislachesis: >.>
felislachesis: this is going in the wrong direction

(We'd been getting 1-2 ring, no message calls to our house line while we were out for, like, the past 3 weeks. Turns out it was a telemarketer, and I even figured out later today that it was Sam's Club trying to get me to renew my membership.)


Oct. 7th, 2006 10:38 pm
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The overgrown jungle that the previous owner left us instead of a back yard has been, for the most part, tamed. It required 2 days of mowing, and I still need to trim a few areas back with the weed whacker due to obstacles, but I can look out my window and see something other than 2 and a half feet of grass and weeds, so I'm pretty comfortable with that.

Even better, he actually bothered to periodically mow the front lawn after we went into contract (just in case we fell through, I suppose), so it only took one quick pass.

The Living Room's pretty much been assembled, and all the electronics wired, with the exception of the HDTV tuner coming from WOW cable on Tuesday, and the games, books, and movies unpacked. Next step is trying to figure out the basement, and probably the transfer of quite a bit of what will turn out to be extra furniture to the garage, and either a lot of stuff gets unpacked, or it goes into the utility room or garage for the forseeable future. I think that may end up being our project for tomorrow, but we'll see. We also drilled in the surround sound speakers, though we found out a little too late that at first we'd bought the wrong style of anchor for our wall, so I also had to do a little bit of spackling in there.

We now have groceries and can (GASP!) start cooking meals again, and even topped it off with a new set of pots and pans that actually all match (shock!) and better spatulas and heavy cooking utensils. Thank you, USPS, for your large discount offers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (I'm not kidding - we got a 20% off thing in our official "Change of address confirmation" letters.)

Home improvement wise, I got some concrete caulk to help seal up the crack between the foundation and the front step, but it's widened enough that I think I'm going to actually go get some of the heavy duty filler foam, spray that in, and then seal up any gaps with the caulk, so that'll be tomorrow's exciting plans. We're also looking at an additional pantry cabinet to go next to the oven, and perhaps another bookcase for Lisa.

...yes, one of the cashiers at Home Depot does recognize Alex and I when we go in. I expect we'll be on a first name basis soon.

Such is my exciting life as a homeowner.

Pictures of the place will probably come once we've gotten the kitchen and basement into a slightly lower entropic state, I think.
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Well, more than a few misc. items that nobody wanted were "disabled and abandoned", to use the martial terminology, but we're here, despite a U-haul that broke down before I even drove it off the lot, and finding several other problems as we went.

...99% still in boxes, and I slept on the couch last night because I couldn't reach my bed, but we're here!

Today my room is mostly back together, though I've still got a good bit to unpack, and my car is still loaded with so much stuff that I can't see inside of it.

Much gratitude and great thanks to Dave, Jon, Justin, Rich, and Todd. You really were absolutely awesome.
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Now, then.

In other news: The trip out to Chicago, as mentioned, was fantastic.

The grand jury has certainly been interesting and at times quite entertaining (needless to say, there are some STUPID people out there, and sometimes they choose to commit felonies...)

We went out for a bit of mayheming today after the jury was recessed because [ profile] dklegman and I were both at loose ends. The final results can be tallied in mass destruction, my phone being replaced with a new Motorola v325 (though it does seem Verizon monkeyed with the OS to where I can't use the phone tools to load ringtones for free...) and replacing my oft bitched about Vivitar digicam with one of these.

I was looking at paying retail for one at Best Buy when Dave noticed that there was an open box one missing the battery and CDs (and a bit of minor physical wear that doesn't bother me) for over half-off the box price with the full warranty. I even got the UPCs to file with Canon. One SD card and a "YOINK!" later we get pictures like this instead of this. Shiny. Thanks to online warranty activation it is now fully protected.

Dave also found the new DVD release of the David Lynch Dune, and kept mumbling about how "The Spice must flow" while licking the box on his way out of the store.

Yeah...moving on.

Dinner was had, talking was made, and the sight of Barry Bonds in drag made Dave and I wonder if [ profile] chaoticgoodnik had seen it, and just what her reaction was.

From there, we're pretty much wound down here in Rancho Robusteza Del Asesino, so I bid you goodnight.
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What was supposed to be a semi-quiet weekend really wasn't, and I am thankful. :D

It started with invitations from [ profile] yukon_jack to attend the Guinness Toast at Fado on Friday, where he was installed as this year's official Toastmaster. (Which I can't remember if I actually congratulated you on? So congratulations!) He has achieved fame, power, and risen to the level of an Olympic Barfly. Someone get this man an endorsement deal! Somewhere in there we also linked up with Mssrs. Rood, Holman, and [ profile] dklegman, but the details are...sketchy. Yes. Sketchy. All I can remember for sure is buying about $50 worth of beer, and not all of it was mine.

Then, [ profile] demeterschild was running up through town, and wanted to hang for the evening. We ended up hooking up with her, going to a wild romp through Easton, attending the toast, and then swinging out to Surly Girl so she could see the wonder of a VERY crowded pirate and cowgirl bar. Sadly, it was also a bit too crowded to actually enjoy it, so we decanted [ profile] yukon_jack and [ profile] dklegman into their respective journeys homeward, and then hit Steak and Shake for some cooldown.

Then, for purposes of rather silly legal requirements to renew my license, we rose from the grave around 8am, and promptly crashed in the living room until [ profile] demeterschild needed to get on her way at 10 because we didn't feel like moving at all.

So, Alex, Lisa, and I set her on the road to Victory (or at least to Akron) and headed over to the Town and Country DMV. One look at the line said "Come back in a little bit", so we boogied down to Starliner Diner for a fantastic breakfast (mmm, chorizo) and then Lisa and I headed to the DMV and Alex headed over to OSU to study.

This would be the one sour part of the weekend.

After seeing the line at the DMV only get worse, we stood in line dutifully for 10 minutes before one of the DMV staff announced "The computers are still down." That's when we figured out why the line hadn't -moved-, so we left and attempted to hit another DMV office, only to find out that their computers were also FUBARED, and pretty much all of the DMV offices will be closed until Tuesday.

If you think about when my birthday is, you might assume this would require me to drive on an expired license and plates for 24 hours because of this, and you'd be right. However, I'll just be safe and careful, and get it done first opporuntity on Tuesday.

So, after that misadventure, Lisa and I hit World Market to look for interesting things, and I happily restocked the house supply of Curry and Jelly Beans, as well as found a really neat English (I believe? It was in the UK section) candy bar called an "Aero". You bite through the chocolate and then let the foamed peppermint inside dissolve on your tongue. Very tasty, and a neat sensation.

Following this, we crashed a bit, I did some fig priming on the Zoanthropes [ profile] dklegman got me for my birthday, and the mail arrived.

In the mail, among other things, were our new Vonage phone and kit for the house (yay!) and birthday cards from my grandparents and uncle containing ze monies. (Yay!) So, I called my grandparents and talked with them for about an hour, thanking them and catching up on how things are going up there, and Alex arrived back from studying somewhere in that time.

After a bit more painting and Men's Olympic Hockey (Rutuu, what the hell? You cheap-hitting bastard.) We linked up once again with Dave and Sanford, this time going out for Dinner at Mac's Cafe downtown. While I totally parked too far away in a public lot because I misremembered how far of a walk it was from the convention center, the food, spirits, and atmosphere more than made up for it. (Mmm, pie an chips.) We also heavily reccomend the sauerkraut balls and soft pretzels, particularly if you dip one of each in the sauce meant for the other. It is a delightful heresy.

We braved the cold once again to trundle down to Guardtower, where I spent my birthday money, Dave spent some spare money, and Rich spent himself in the most terrible ways you can imagine. I ended up with the Xenology book from the Black Libary, some basing materials, and the 'nid battleforce, Dave ended up with Flames of War (Arise, Arise ye Russian People...) and Rich came away with the most hilarious card game since Beer Money. But more on that in a moment.

Returning home, we had some well needed hydration, and Alex yanked a bag of presents out of the closet for me, which was both surprising and awesome at the same time. I ended up with Dawn of War and Halo 2 strategy guides, the first DVD of the new Tetsujin-28 series (GIGANTOR!) and the first DVD of the new(er?) Galaxy Railway series - looks like a Matsumoto follow up to Express 999, but I'd not heard of it before, and that makes it awesome. He'd also earlier given me the first disc of Hellsing in UMD format, so I mention this here merely because the PSP really is the perfect device to watch Anime on if your housemates aren't in the mood.

Rich, Dave, Lisa, and I cracked open the card game at this point, and Alex...disappeared. (SPOOOKY.) Fortunately, we were too caught up in the game to notice.

And that game?


Made by Atlas Games (which explains at least 2/3 of why it is awesome), the game is a really fun, really morbid attempt to destroy your family's self-worth before you kill every last one of them. I'll let the official site explain the mechanics, and simply say it was one hell of a good time, even if everyone stole my corpses.


As the game reached it's rather grisly climax, Alex returned! And to our horror (well, not really horror), he brought Birthday Cake! And ice cream!

It was the best day ever. The end.
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So far, things to do today on my Day Off:

Clean bathrooms
Clean living room
Clean bedroom
UPS [ profile] faetan's computer. (Estimated delivery of Thursday, btw.)
Trash run.
Take Lisa to Doctors office an then out to lunch.
Set up media center PC for living room.
Laundry (hooboy.)
Strip and remake bed
Get Lisa from work and take all our books to library.
Edit: Well, 8 out of 9 ain't bad.

...yeah, time for a break.

It's also been an odd week for running into people. After my adventures at Xerox and UDF running into people from where I grew up and College, Lisa and I also ran into 3 people from middle/High School completely by chance.

Very, very odd week.

OH! Forgot one last thing...
Go to Korean grocer's downtown to get Kimchi and various things to make dinner tonight.
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I'm trying to think of something to say about yesterday's adventures besides what [ profile] dklegman wrote in his excellent post (with new and improved manhole coverage!)

The only thing that comes clearly to mind is when we were wandering through this cul-de-sac neighborhood around Como and Walhalla, we started looking at all these old houses. Gorgeous houses, most of which probably dated back to the early 20s when this neighborhood was shaped from what was probably an old slate quarrying site, judging by the shale and slate cliffs we walked around. We talked about how this would be a lovely place to live, and how it'd be kinda nice to buy one of those houses. (If my commute wouldn't be turned to raw hell, anyhow...)

But even more, we talked about the architecture, or the construction, or how some of the houses, for sale or not, were just plain pretty. How some of the gardens and lawns were just gorgeous, even when they tickled our allergies.

When you consider how we looked (2 people in OSU regalia, probably around college student or near graduate age, and an older guy with a really ratty OSU T-shirt and a cane) walking around this neighborhood, especially on a Football Saturday, that's probably not what most people would have expected us to be talking about.

I think it's moments like that where I realize how lucky I am in my friends.
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"We've (Americans) never had a major city totally wiped out before" - Phil.

Now, this isn't entirely true. The British certain did a number on D.C. in 1814, and earthquakes have reduced San Francisco to flinders at least twice since it was settled. Now, that we've not had a major city wiped out in this era of modern communications? Yes, I'll agree to that.

And as a culture, we're certainly milking it for all it's worth as hurricane Katrina inexorably makes her way towards New Orleans.

I came downstairs to take a break from MUSHing, PC, etx.

I turn on the TV - not surprisingly turned to CNN.


Headline news? Katrina.

ESPN? Katrina. (Apparently the Saints just rented SJSU's fields to practice on, while the superdome is now the world's largest hurricane shelter.)

Travel Channel? Katrina.

Fox news? Katrina.

TBS? Blade II, but with a Katrina bar occasionally going off.

WGN? Katrina.

Food network? Ice Cream. Thank god.

ABC? Katrina.

MSN/Money? Katrina.

Animal Planet? Katrina - they're putting the New Orleans Aquarium dolphins into pools at a Holiday Inn because they're deeper than the NOA tanks and farther inland.

We're fascinated by it. I'm personally quite concerned, because I'd really like to vacation in New Orleans someday, and touring some of the historical sites and architecture was one of the things I wanted to do. This is rather difficult if they're reduced to flinders.

And yet, it's something I want to watch. We've studded the city with cameras, 24x7 progress reports are in the offing, and I can get real time stormtracks and projections just by flipping channels. We're all waiting to see this incredible thing. Could, against all logic, the city somehow survive this intact? Will we finally see a disaster At Home to equal some of the destruction we've seen in Asia over the past few years? Will this be our Tsunami? Our Kobe? Or will it be horribly destructive, but not quite the the meteorlogical orgasm that we've been anticipiating?

We will see, soon. The entire country seems to be watching. Such a beautiful disaster we've found in the making.
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We went from having 2 chairs of questionable use at the table to 3 brand new chairs in less than a half day, and I only bought one of them. :> Alex and I both decided to attack the problem from 2 different ends, without consulting each other, and I bought a single chair with intent to slowly replace the dining room chairs with a matching set, while he grabbed two excellent chairs from OSU surplus for about the same price.

It all works out nicely, because we now have some really neat chairs, and the extras are good for company. Besides, my chair is Amish, wooden, and awesome. I even found a nice stain that matches the table.

Weather is horrid here. We're spiking, dipping, and raining all over the place.

Finally, for Niner - Friday. Keep an eye peeled.
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...after almost 5 months of not getting Dawn of War's online system to work, I finally thought to check McAfee to see if it was blocking the port.

Yep. It was.

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So, as [ profile] spartanfan requested: What I feel about CoH issue #3.


I still hold it at arms length, though, because #1 & #2 failed utterly to do anything that would make me want to play the game, and I'm betting a lot of people felt the same.

But, I'll admit, the last 8 pages or so were much better, though I still think the way he (mis) handled Sister Psyche is still dumb.


I am also reposting a comment I left for herr [ profile] spartanfan, because it is STILL TRUE.

Besides, I hold to my guns after reading some of Mark Waid's big "team books" recently (JLA, FF, X-men, Avengers, JSA) - he seems to repeat the theme of "Break the team and expose flaws/pressures/stresses that were never there before under other writers or canon, and turn all the members against each other more than the against the villians."

The fact that EVERY recent TPB of a team book that Mark Waid wrote (and I checked them all out of Columbus Public Library over the past month, so I do KNOW this, because I researched it like a good historian before I made my outlandish claims) doesn't say to me "This means he's treating City of Heroes like any other good Super Hero setting", as [ profile] twfarlan suggested. It says to me that Mark Waid doesn't know how to write any other kind of book. (In deference to [ profile] snowspinner, He did his best to deconstruct the team in his FF run, though not quite in the same way, and to show that there were a lot of divisions, psyche issues, and serious stresses on the team that hadn't appeared before, and particularly did some very nasty things to Reed Richards which came out of left field and may or may not have really been needed.)

But, we'll see. I know the book is changing writers soon. Maybe I will like it more then. Regardless, Waid doesn't have too many issues left.

In other news: Thai food incredibly fucking tasty. Full. In love with a wonderful girl and happy. Film at 11.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 04:49 pm
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Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

That is all.
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Hey, California people with some ears to the ground near CN -

Can you tell me if the reports from Comic-Com about Sam Register wanting to get rid of Bruce Timm are true?

If so, can someone please ask Mssr. Register what the hell he's smoking?

Much thanks.
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Well, I didn't really write much this holiday weekend, but I assure you that things happened.

-Celebrated both Lisa's birthday and our anniversary with large BBQs and friends. This was VERY good. Lisa
also found new fishnets and tennis shoes with skulls on them. :D

-The new grill is a thing of might and beauty. 50 pounds of cast iron and ceramic goodness, and the cooking we've done has been incredible. Well, OK, Alex has done most of it. I've done some burgers and about half the cooking on some brats, but it's all been good.

-Spent probably far too much time in CoH, but it was fun (mostly.)

-Worked a deal with a guy off Bartertown that will give me 3 more tac squads, fill out 2 Assault squads, and I'll have some spare marines to give to Chris and Jaymie so she can learn how to paint them, and Chris can learn how to get all shooty.

-Seriously debating getting into the new 'Nids.

-Seriously debating a subscription to White Dwarf.

-Got a nice pair of sandals to help with some blisters on my feet. Wish I could wear them to work.

-Almost slept through my alarm today!

With the exception of my very disrupted sleep schedule, and a lunch on Friday that didn't work out quite the way we'd hoped, it was a very good weekend, spent with friends and loved ones.
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Played some 40k yesterday. Got beat, but I gave a good accounting. It was 700 point take and hold, and I tried a strategy that didn't quite pay off.

(I took my assault squad, my tacticals, devastators, and HQ squad against a guy with 2 tactical squads, and an Epistolary HQ mounted in a land raider crusader. I tried to use the assaults and devastators to crack the raider, but I couldn't make the rolls to penetrate, and assault marines don't really hold up well to Hurricane bolters, even with cover. But, at the end of the battle, he'd lost everything except his HQ Librarian and 2 marines from the command squad and that LRC, and I'd technically denied him the objective since he didn't get INTO the bunker he needed to hold.)

Also found a set of the 2-pack DA veteran sargeants, which I thought were mail-order only, so I snapped them up and did the priming and base-spraycoats at lunch today.

While out with [ profile] dklegman, I ran into a girl who looked eerily like Chrissa Cooey from Wooster. Anyone know if she's in the Columbus area? I was going to ask her, but she drove off from the gas pump before I worked up the nerve to walk up. (Random guys walking up to you in the gas station and asking if you're someone isn't creepy...not creepy at all...)

Should be getting my Razorbacks in the mail this weekend or early next week - it'll let me turn 2 of the tactical squads into Mounted troops, and split off the extra marines from each squad (3 from one, 2 from another) plus one of the Veteran Sargeans (the other goes into my HQ) to make the core of a 3rd tactical squad. I'm thinking about grabbing a Meltagun marine and a Plasma Cannon as their heavy weapon trooper to build them up. That'll give me 2 mounted squads of 6 and a foot squad of 8.

I also had a ton of "Wow!" because I got complimented on my paintjobs by 4 or 5 of the people at Hobbyland for the 40k games. (I found out that if I'd gone last week, I could have also gotten into their tournament bracket, but people didn't mind playing a couple pickup games with me, so I don't feel too left out.) I like the painting I've been doing, but getting a bunch of compliments from people who've been doing this far longer than I have was really awesome. I'm getting better!
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On my way down the hall a few minutes ago, I got passed by one of our VPs. I nodded to her, but then she stopped and held out her hand to congratulate me.

This was confusing, so I thanked her, but wasn't sure why.

She explained that she'd noticed I'd bought a new car over the weekend, and said it looked really nice. Asked if it was my first new car, and I explained it was my 2nd, but the first one I'd bought without help from my parents. We talked about cars for a minute or two in the hall, and then she went on her way after congratulating me again.

The people in this company actually notice stuff like that, and they like to be nice about it. You see moments like that happen more often than not. People are nice here, as long as their computer isn't broken.

For all the stress I get at times, that's why I'm really happy to work here.
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Originally uploaded by bzarcher.
Remember how everyone kept telling me, "Matt, get a new car! That Kia is OK, but it's rapidly turning into a POS..."

Well...I did.

My dad encouraged me to go to the local Pontiac dealership because of the GM discount. Because of said discount, the car was a LOT cheaper, and I'm not paying a huge amount more for the new car than I was for the old one.

I now own a 2005 Pontiac Vibe. Moonstone, with the Power Package and the Moon and Tunes package. XM radio included, which Alex has already added to his existing radio account. BOO. YAH.
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Oh, my.

It's Bloomsday.

And I'm in a poker tournament tonight.

Can I play good poker after my religious observance of a whisky?

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I suppose that I should write about the weekend, given that it did, in fact, occur.

Went to Pittsburgh to celebrate [ profile] bredmold's birthday and met a metric fuckton of people. Took on all comers at Poker, Halo, and Crimson Skies, had many interesting conversations, watched some bad ass SSX Tricky, failed to play Katamari Damancy again (I suspect the Prince of the Cosmos is rolling up copies into his Katamari any time he hears I might get a chance to play it...) and ate much yummy food. Also had my brain broken by [ profile] ixx several times.

I need that damn Bugrom video. And the song used for it. Can't get it out of my head today.

We took Lisa to Eat 'n' Park before we left Pittsburgh, got our smile cookie fix (made with crack!) and ended up driving around the downtown area for a bit to sightsee before realizing, "Hey, weren't we planning to be back in town by 3, and it's currently 2:15?". Cue hitting the road. Much XM was listened to. The "Lucy" station is godlike awesome.

Got home, ate food, got groceries, cleaned some house, and mini-celebrated Alex's birthday, with more celebration on Wednesday to follow. Talked a bunch of CoV with Chris and Jamie over IM and Teamspeak, plus saw her pimp new micro-ATX computer plan.

I'm seriously thinking that if Lisa's PC keeps being a piece of crap, saving up and building her a similar box would be fun.

Iron Chef, Family Guy, and similar things were watched, and now today I am back at work and wondering why the weekends can't last 3 or 4 days...

Oh, and I think that Tekkoshocon owns the rights to Alex, Lisa, and I.
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Good: More hanging out on the [ profile] dklegman love machine.
Finding out people are doing weekly 40k over at Hobbyland, which is much closer to home and work than Guardtower, and
doesn't smell of dubious odor half the time I go in there.
Lisa's awesome Hungarian cooking.
Pirates of the Spanish Main being surprisingly fun for $3.

Bad: Air conditioner's broken, and no idea when they'll be out to fix it. :/


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