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Goopy happy sappy post moment
You have been warned. )
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*grins* I'm doing this just because you think I'm crazy, Lisa. :D

I love every part of you. You are beautiful, my love. Every part of you. You have the figure of a goddess, and a face that Titian would have killed to paint.
Your eyes are the waves of the sea. Your hair is a crown of silk and velvet. Your lips are soft and incredibly graceful, and your smile makes every problem go away when I look at your pictures, and when I see it in person it's like a waterfall running through my soul. Your nose is like a gentle rise that suits you perfectly, and the curves of your jaw and chin I just want to caress and kiss, or nuzzle gently as you rest against me.

Your heart shines through those eyes of yours, and your laugh lights up everything around you. Every time I hear your voice it's like music. Even when you're nervous or frustrated or afraid. And I love to listen to you, and to try to help when I can, or just talk and share our days. And you have the strangest sense of humor, which is great, because it is a beautiful foil with mine, and it's wonderful to find someone who laughs at my jokes, and who I can laugh at and relax with. You care deeply for those you love, and you reach out to those you see are in need. You always share what you can, and you seem to have something good to say every day, even if it's just that you're glad to be home. You're a good, wonderful woman, my love.

I could write so much about your body...the curves...the gentle slips of your neck...the way you look in a corset...the way you look in a sweater...the way you look just in anything. I love that my arms can slide around you, and that your breasts set everything off beautifully, as you say. But your breasts are also strangely alluring, not just for me to kiss and fondle and caress, but to rest my head against, or just for you to rest against my body and feel the warmth travel from you.

You're a strong woman, and your strength is reflected in your body, and I love that, too. From the tips of your fingers, to the ends of your toes, I can feel that strength, and when your hand finds mine, it's like I'm on fire.

Every part of you is beautiful, and so much of you I must only know by my dreams and fantasies, but I also know that the reality will not disappoint. Because I love you, and I cannot imagine you being anything less than beautiful in your secrets, so beautiful that my heart feels like it might stop from the beauty that I find every time I look at you, or remember our time together.

I love you, my beautiful Lisa.

I love you with all my heart, with all my body, and with all my mind.

And even more amazing than all of this is that you love me, too.
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Nothing more frustrating than being torn asunder by the fickle internet....especially when vaguely nervous about my words to you.

I know I shouldn't be. I know our love is clear.

And yet...

I'm taught to write, and to communicate most effectively when my fingers place my soul to a page. But somehow, when I talk to you, it's so hard to find the right words to express how wonderful you are.

I cannot put enough meaning into the words 'I love you'. No matter how deeply I feel it, no matter how intense my heart is. I want to write you books. I want to craft sonnets to your beauty. I want to pen a sestina on the joy I take just by listening to you, and understanding your thoughts. I want to say so many things...and yet I can never find words that seem to fill the void correctly.

I cannot find the right (I originally typoed that 'write'. How our bodies betray...) words to spread across the ether, and reach your eyes, bearing just how deeply you fascinate and revitalize me just by telling me how your day went, or how much I enjoy you leading me through design shops and catalogues to show me the things you've found that day.

I can never express quite how good it feels just to sit down with you and say nothing, just holding each other for a bit.
I want to cook you dinner while you tell me about the book you're reading.
I want to get you a drink of something while you talk about work.
I want to play video games with you, or watch TV, and laugh, or joke, and smile.
I want to hunt through the shops with you because we decide to go on another damnfool crusade for -something-, and it doesn't matter if we find it or not.
I want to draw the blanket up around your body, and tell you a story before we close our eyes.
I want to kiss you on the forehead before I leave in the morning, or be awake so I can help you on your early mornings.
I want to go to a movie and snuggle, and share popcorn, and leave the theatre after the credits and talk about what we think.
I want to sit on your bed and read comic books.
I want to lay on a hill at night, and watch a meteor shower together.
I want to get a blanket and watch fireworks with you.

I want to say so many things to you....I want to do so much.

Why can't I ever tell this to your face? Why can't I find the words when I need them?

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder.

Come back to me, my Beauty. My heart is full to bursting.
We have been apart far overlong.
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Which Bob Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I don't feel that heroic...if anything, I feel like I've been half-awake all day, except when shocked.

In the Lang, Lit, and Culture class, I had to explain the concept of why love poetry is a good thing to a bunch of students who just stared at me and swore they didn't understand what I was saying, and that they had never gotten or written poetry, and didn't know why someone would find it important. That was shocked and somewhat despair.

THESE are the people we're supposed to inspire?

Ah, well.

While on the subject of love poetry ) Okay, get out of here. :D
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If I have not done so, I'd like to state for the record, that I find [ profile] skarlette to be one of the most understanding, passionate, caring, and intense women I have ever met.

Thank you, love. For everything. I don't say it enough.
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I always knew I was a fairly kinked person. But I'm realizing I may be moreso than I thought.

Since I know there are things people are better off not knowing. )
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Read S*P when I got up. And...well...

All I will say is that I thought about the possibilities of certain people meeting me at the door in pixie wings and a smile.

Paying attention in class just got -far- more difficult.
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