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Does anyone else wonder if the ban on liquids in your carry on bag is going to be linked to a sudden shift in airline policy about how much they'll charge non-first class passengers for beverages in the air?

Besides, this is a stupid reaction from our authorities.

Remember what the purpose of a Terrorist is: To achieve a goal by making his enemies feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and afraid.

What is our government doing at the moment to celebrate a VICTORY but jacking up the level of concern and uncertainty, aiding the Terrorist in his goals?

(Here's a good paper on Terrorism and postive vs. negative responses to back that up.)

We should be saying "This plot was foiled, and we should be watchful", not "This plot was foiled, and we will be launching a panicked response that is very unlikely to catch anyone else!"
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I woke up with a sick feeling in my gut, and after looking at the news, I guess I know why.

Prayers and thoughts to everyone in England. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

Edit: I think just about everyone I know in London has checked in, now. Serious relief.
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Vatican is investigating Martyrdom for JPII.

On the one hand, I know this is probably being fueled by a need to beatify him as soon as possible to satisfy a lot of the 3rd world nations.


He died in bed. He died a tired old man in bed. He did some good things, he did some terrible things, and he survived everything the world could throw at him. I have great respect for what he did in Poland during WWII and the 50s, and he didn't die when shot. Good for him.

Should he be canonized? I don't know. I think that really is a question for history to ponder, and I think we need at least 20-30 years of hindsight before anyone starts calling him St. Karol. I certainly don't think that calling him a martyr's appropriate, because that would imply he gave his life up for the faith by his own free will, or that he died at the hands of the wicked.

Given that he was in a coma when he died, I think the former's sketchy, at best, especially with how tenaciously he fought to cling to life, and while I know we occasionally enjoy a spirited game of "Bash the Ratzinger", I think calling him "The Wicked" and implying he helped to kill JPII might be a bit much.

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Tracking Stations are getting signals that appear to be from Cosmos 1.

Well, neat. It'd be nice if it somehow survived, even if it's in the wrong orbit.

Hell, if it got into a stable orbit that could be tracked and communicated with, maybe the experiment can still be attempted.
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Common virus kills cancer cells, leaves regular cells unharmed.

This is really, really exciting. It's also why I occasionally envy people in biology right now - we're really finally starting to figure out a lot of the tools we've had in our bodies since the beginning, we just didn't know how or why to use them.

Prediction: By 2015, we will see an AAV-2 based treatment for most, if not all, forms of cancer. It will be as regular and accepted as treating a nasty infection or performing drug therapy.
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Oh, my.

It's Bloomsday.

And I'm in a poker tournament tonight.

Can I play good poker after my religious observance of a whisky?

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I suppose that I should write about the weekend, given that it did, in fact, occur.

Went to Pittsburgh to celebrate [ profile] bredmold's birthday and met a metric fuckton of people. Took on all comers at Poker, Halo, and Crimson Skies, had many interesting conversations, watched some bad ass SSX Tricky, failed to play Katamari Damancy again (I suspect the Prince of the Cosmos is rolling up copies into his Katamari any time he hears I might get a chance to play it...) and ate much yummy food. Also had my brain broken by [ profile] ixx several times.

I need that damn Bugrom video. And the song used for it. Can't get it out of my head today.

We took Lisa to Eat 'n' Park before we left Pittsburgh, got our smile cookie fix (made with crack!) and ended up driving around the downtown area for a bit to sightsee before realizing, "Hey, weren't we planning to be back in town by 3, and it's currently 2:15?". Cue hitting the road. Much XM was listened to. The "Lucy" station is godlike awesome.

Got home, ate food, got groceries, cleaned some house, and mini-celebrated Alex's birthday, with more celebration on Wednesday to follow. Talked a bunch of CoV with Chris and Jamie over IM and Teamspeak, plus saw her pimp new micro-ATX computer plan.

I'm seriously thinking that if Lisa's PC keeps being a piece of crap, saving up and building her a similar box would be fun.

Iron Chef, Family Guy, and similar things were watched, and now today I am back at work and wondering why the weekends can't last 3 or 4 days...

Oh, and I think that Tekkoshocon owns the rights to Alex, Lisa, and I.
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Anyone else think that the HRP-2 robot looks like a Patlabor?
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Looks like the HAL-5 team perfected the arms to go with the legs.

Strap some armor weave and repulsors on it, give it a sonic sword coming from the forearm, and I'll drive it off the lot today.
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See the guy with the glasses and the monkey hanging off his shirt? If that isn't Ben, one of my old roommates and general hoopy frood from Wooster, I'll be dipped.

In other important news: Congratulations again to Doctor Steven M. Bobula, M. D. who was offically graduated and sworn in last night, followed by a rather epic drunk and gnosh at the Dublin Pub. (Which, even more oddly, is in Dayton.)

Even more awesome was that after we'd already run up a fair dinkum tab, the proprietor found out that it was, in fact, Steve's graduation, and brought us out a rather incredible bottle of Totti Spumante ('75, I think?) on the house to toast his success. There were a couple periods where various tables around the patio were in awe of our monstrous group, and Lisa, Alex, and I got hooked in to more of Steve's Dayton and Cinci friends, and much bonding ensued.

It was a wonderful evening.
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Anyone in town on Sunday should call me. We're going to be having an all day BBQ sort of thingy. Come by. Get fed.

Also: I have a 14 day trial code for CoH. Anyone like it?

Nevermind - code's been given out. :D
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Perusing the news: Here's what stands out.

-Odd atmospheric disturbance on Titan (COOL.)
-Colin Powell wants to buy the Washington Nationals (COOL!)
-College Board making AP courses easier (Wimps.)
-Hot goth chick leaving NCIS: 50% of viewers expected to do the same.

Doing this because it's better than stressing about finding out that a project I've been working on for 6 months may be canceled at the whim of our new manager.
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Landon, I told you it'd probably be software based.

Needless to say, in the words of Jimmy McForum, I am turgid with anticipation.

Other random note: Mephistopheles singing "Misery" off of TSO's Beethoven's Last Night sounds remarkably like Mark Hamil in Joker mode. So much so, that I may have to try and find my original slipcase somewhere and figure out if it's him...

Son of other random note: No, it isn't. But damn if it doesn't SOUND like him...
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Between these pictures, the announcement of online Smash Brothers, and an Xbox live style free service to do matchmaking, content download, and even let you download classic NES, SNES, and N64 games, I am firmly convinced that Nintendo does, in fact, love us all.

I'm sadly disappointed in my DS, though. It seems like all the games that were originally going to be launch titles, or "around E3" titles that I bought it for out of excitement have slipped farther and farther back. Advance Wars DS being pushed to Q4 2005/Q1 2006 may have just killed my interest in it. The PSP has more content I'll actually play availble now, with a steady flow looking promising down the line. The DS currently only has 3 games that hold my interest, and one of them is a GBA cart. Unless they really turn it around, I'm afraid she's gonna be getting traded in.
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Why are we praising this? Newsflash, kids. Living in a plastic box where you drink only water and exist in your own vomit and filth is not "magic". It's not even praiseworthy. It's someone being publically unsanitary and starving himself for attention.

God, it's painful to be an information addict when the information out there is so terrible. Read more... )


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