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Dear lord,

I humbly thank and worship you for cold days and hot women wearing skirts regardless of that fact.
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(Names changed to protect the...well, something or other.)

Rick: "So, looking forward to Denver?" (Our sales kickoff is there this year.)
Chris: "Oh, yeah. Gonna go get out of the hotel when I can, try to relax, have a little vacation."
Rick: "Don't forget to try to grow your hair out some to fit in."
Chris: "Oh, sure. Grow my hair out, smoke some dope..."
Rick: "Get some Birkenstocks."
Chris: "...aren't those, like, lesbian shoes?"
Rick: "-what-?"
Chris: "You know, man, the kinda butch types, and that's the shoes they all wear, isn't that right?"

Rick: "...I don't think I can continue with this conversation..."
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One of the things that $Newboss approved was getting a Mac Mini, to use as a teaching tool. I'm the only guy here with certified Mac experience, and the others I'd trained on how to support it had left.

Worse, at the time I trained the others, we'd had the Marketing G5s that we were building that I could give them hands on with. Until a few days ago, the only Macs we had available were the ones we needed to support.

So, with her OK, we got the Mini in. I gave a couple of "training sessions" to a few interested parties, and now I have it set up on the far side of my desk, with a nice eyecatch screensaver and the keyboard sitting there invitingly.

Everyone in the area, even the people who "didn't really want to learn Mac", have come and played with it for at least 20 or 30 minutes each. I suspect that by the end of next month, they'll all know at least basic troubleshooting and how to navigate around in it, and a decent understanding of what they can do with it. (Especially since I may introduce a few "problems"...)

All hail the power of shiny as a teaching tool. :>
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When I finally get a new iPod, I'm so buying these.

Due to services rendered, the Linux Development team brought me, personally, a HUGE box of Der Dutchman donuts. Because I am not insane, I shared with my team.

After distributing, I have 3 donuts left. All of them are larger than my head.

It's good to be the king.
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On my way down the hall a few minutes ago, I got passed by one of our VPs. I nodded to her, but then she stopped and held out her hand to congratulate me.

This was confusing, so I thanked her, but wasn't sure why.

She explained that she'd noticed I'd bought a new car over the weekend, and said it looked really nice. Asked if it was my first new car, and I explained it was my 2nd, but the first one I'd bought without help from my parents. We talked about cars for a minute or two in the hall, and then she went on her way after congratulating me again.

The people in this company actually notice stuff like that, and they like to be nice about it. You see moments like that happen more often than not. People are nice here, as long as their computer isn't broken.

For all the stress I get at times, that's why I'm really happy to work here.
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If I'm reading the OT policy correctly, as I re-read it, the eight hours of paid holiday time on Monday do not count as part of calculating hours worked for Overtime purposes. So, I only worked 38.5 hours instead of 46.5

Now, if my hours worked do not go over 40, they are not obligated to pay me for any overtime or time worked, if I read this right.

Ain't that a bitch?
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Signs my sanity's going:

Picked up two of the nice "I will stabbitykill you" black rubber handles and metal scissors on my desk, and started snipping them back and forth with each hand until I created a passable version of the Super Mario Bros. theme (World 1-1, natch.)

But, I think we finally got a good chunk of this damn thing beat.

Only bad news: Because 8 hours of my "work" this week was memorial day, I only get regular level OT for last night, not time and a half.

Oh, well.
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We've been dealing with a attack at work that crippled half the company. Why? Because 2 people were fucking morons and opened something that was obviously NOT from the security team or the helpdesk, and infected their machines.

A nice geometric figure later, we have about 100 machines infected and quarantined. I've taken over 140 phone calls today, out of 326. We've sent 3 possible fixes we could impliment + a company wide protection/fix to the two security and IT manager teams that have to approve them, and we've yet to hear back on them. I don't want to think about how much productivity the company lost today, or how much money.

I honestly don't know if I'll leave work on time tonight. I'm expecting it will be late.
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Perusing the news: Here's what stands out.

-Odd atmospheric disturbance on Titan (COOL.)
-Colin Powell wants to buy the Washington Nationals (COOL!)
-College Board making AP courses easier (Wimps.)
-Hot goth chick leaving NCIS: 50% of viewers expected to do the same.

Doing this because it's better than stressing about finding out that a project I've been working on for 6 months may be canceled at the whim of our new manager.
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Her daughters smart dog stares.
The expensive slopy magazine stinks and their smart t-shirt walks.
Their soft red tall golden tall boat smells.
Mine white laptop is on fire.
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Call tracking system
Originally uploaded by bzarcher.
I really try not to complain about my co-workers, but today was pretty bad.

My job is:

Manage cell phones. Handle the spam filter. Manage RSA. Manage PDAs. Manage remote access requests, and co-ordinate a lot of the buisness partner VPN stuff, PLUS take calls.

Rob's job is: Take calls (PRIMARY) and do Peoplesoft Vantive accounts for new hires and terms.

Ask me why I think someone was shirking today.
Now, to be fair to Bob, he is out on family leave: His wife delivered their 2nd daughter on Friday. But...
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After going through the Spam filter today, I'm increasingly convinced that Comcast internet services exist only to provide easily accessible bot-farms for spammers.

Water heater is back - yay.
The movers left the entire office in a pile in the centre of our area, so the first 2 hours of my day were rebuilding my area - boo.
God, damn, I am underpaid.
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I look at my phone differently than I did just a few weeks ago.

Lately, if I've gotten a phone call, or if I've missed a call and gotten a message from someone, I get worried. Reception in my building's pretty bad, so if you call me when I'm at work, 3/4 of the time you're leaving me a message.

I got a message today just as I was packing up things at my desk for the Big Office Move. I got very scared, because it had the Family code on it.

It turned out to just be that Lisa was working late, but when my grandmother is so recently out of the hospital, my dad went into the hospital, and my sister's general poor health, I keep getting worried that the next message will say, "Something's happened to..."

Messages from family should be good and exciting things.

What happened to that?
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Dear person who keeps calling my 2nd line at work about something VERY URGENT, because you keep calling while I am trying to work with users, won't leave a message, but will call me back about 2 seconds later to make me pick up, then not leave a message, then call me back again 2 seconds after that.

If it's that important, please leave a fucking message. I will be with you as soon as I finish fixing this person's computer, and then I will make your problem my top priority. If you won't leave a message, I cannot help you.

Also, please die, kthnx.
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Well, that was odd.

I just got cold-called by someone wanting to know if I was interested in a 3-month contract to hire position as a desktop tech in Dublin.

Odd call to take when you're working at your desk.

Not really interested in changing jobs right now, but it was a nice compliment.


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