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Just an idea that's been bouncing around the last few days, and I decided to see about putting it on 'paper'.

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Forumopolis is doing a contest for a copy of World War Z, so I had to step up. It's supposed to be stories about a traveling reporter, getting stories about the survivors of Z-day. Had to go for it.

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That was actually really fun to write.

Also, happy birthday, Planty! Hope you have a good one.
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The more I sat in the mall, I could see the stories.

I watched a young couple stopping to look in the window of the jewelers. She seemed like she could barely wait for their wedding in a few weeks. He desperately didn't want her to know he'd likely be in police custody before then.

An older woman looked longingly at dresses at XXI. I could peel back the veneer of age from her skin to see the beautiful young girl beneath, who still desperately wanted to flirt, chase, and offer her attentions as the prize to a room of hopefuls.

A Russian couple, clearly past their best years, bravely working a kiosk of trinkets, art, and maskirovka dolls. They'd sunk their life savings into getting to this country, and now they worked thanklessly every day, hocking stuff that probably cost a sweatshop a few pennies to make, scraping enough together each month to keep the rent paid. Yet as far as they were concerned, it was a chance to live and work in Paradise, and they savoured the opportunity.

A child dazzled by the lights and sounds, happily playing in the dancing fountains as his mother watches. Neither could know he will drown in a pool tomorrow.

A girl proudly standing behind the pretzel counter, framed by certificates proclaiming her pretzel-serving expertise. The biggest fish in a small, murky pond, but the biggest fish regardless.

The security guard who is a part of the crowd, but his crisp white uniform and black trousers set him apart from the people he sees constantly swarming around him, and who wonders how he lost touch with those he supposedly protects so easily.

The shopping adrift, floating endlessly through the stores because the problems they avoid can be masked behind the ritual dance of considering merchandise before promising to come back tomorrow.

None quite the same, but all tied to the altar of consumption, their stories revolving around this place, even if only for a short while.
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This was originally just a one-off wierdthing for [ profile] riotlounge. But, I think I like it enough to keep around...

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Gimme feedback!
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Rules for good porn:

1: Good porn should not have to beat you over the head with sex to get you horny.
2: Lust should /not/ be the overriding emotion. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us wonder, make us smile with an edge.
3: The mind needs sex as much as the body.
4: Physical attributes help, but they aren't the be-all end all.
5: Use as much creativity as possible.
6: A plot really doesn't hurt, especially if you're consistent to it.
7: You don't always have to be in-front vivid. A bit of mystery just makes it better.
8: There's absolutely nothing wrong with it being a little goofy and tender as well as lusty. Affection can go a long way. [ profile] silentsteel
9: Erotic is worlds better than raunchy. [ profile] silentsteel
10: Nobody should be wearing socks. [ profile] avylin
11: Nobody should look drunk, sleepy, bored, drugged-out, or disgusted.[ profile] avylin
12: Music should be dubbed into the video. Not played on an off screen stereo. [ profile] flying_landon
13: The Wah-wah pedal, Saxophone, and bass guitar are instruments. Not constant noisemakers that should go as loud and fast as possible. [ profile] spacemangroove
14: Blaring white lights just to make sure everything is visible need not apply. Sometimes the softer the light, and the darker the room, with just the right amount of candles, works more than having everything visible. [ profile] ladylysander
15: Doggie Style is not the only 'wild' way to go. The ancients wrote an entire book of poses, try using them instead. [ profile] ladylysander
16: For the love of god, stop shoving cameras up so close you see every wrinkle on the guy's love dingle.[ profile] ladylysander
17: There should be more to talking dirty than, "Fuck me harder!" and, "You're a dirty slut, aren't you?!" [ profile] nachitor
18: On the FFM threesome: The threesome is no fun unless all three people are involved at the same time, and in a significant way. Ladies, guys have no problem eating you out, why should you get squicked by eating out someone else? Think of it as mutual masturbation. [ profile] spacemangroove
19: Foreplay is very interesting to see. Build up is very nice. Going straight to the deed right off is, well, stupid. Unless one is good to go now (which is very rare), things need to be well lubricated in order not to rub the wrong way. Capiche? [ profile] skarlette
20: Come on lines, in virtually any situation not involving a massive orgy should involve something significantly more clever than the words, "Hey baby, wanna fuck?" [ profile] spacemangroove

Any suggestions for what to add to the list? Keep giving them in the comments and I'll keep appending!


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