Apr. 6th, 2004

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Well, good news is that my interview is this afternoon!

Bad news is the office is of course in utter madness this morning.

But I have a tie on. I shall prevail.
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Okay. Ready to go. Going to lunch with work, then leaving for Cleveland.
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Okay. The interview went, I think, rather well.

-4/30 start date, followed by 2 months of training. Miss a day of training for any reason that doesn't have a doctor's excuse, and you're fired. This may be typical, it may be not, but eep. The start date is fine, but the attendance policy seems a bit strict. But, I can deal with that.
-Where I was told 6-months on contract to full time hire, then another 6-8 months of help desk before I could get promoted out to where I really wanted to go, the person I spoke with gave me the impression it would be 12 months on contract (unless I did an exceptional job), and at that time I could compete for other positions with internal Progressive candidates. I'm gonna talk to the TekSystems guy tomorrow and qualify / get explanation on this. If it's really going to mostly be 12 months of pure contract, I'd like to know that for sure.
-Almost purely supporting their propreitary software as sold to other insurance agents/companies. I was told it was going to be more of doing Windows/Software + Proprietary software support. This may have just been a communication error, but still.
-When I asked about continuing ed./additional technical training, should I be hired full time, all she did was talk about training on new versions of their software.

Good points
-Seems like a very friendly work environment.
-All the calls I listened into, the clients were polite, if not always in a good mood.
-10-7 is quite an acceptable work shift, and would keep me away from rush hour.
-I wouldn't have to work weekends for 6 months, and even then it would be a rotation, so I'd not have to work every weekend.
-I'd get my own cube, not shuffled around the call centre from day to day.
-Even though they only seem to train their own stuff, they do seem to give really thorough training in it.
-If I take it, at the end of the 12 months in the help desk, it sounds like there are a lot of positions I can move into, though she mostly highlighted ones involving the proprietary software support stuff. (However, it does not seem limited to those PSS positions.)
-While TekSystems benefits and 401k would not be terribly great, she mentioned that the Progressive ones would be quite good, if I got hired.
-A lot of people seem to like working there.

All in all, I think I am gonna see what happens with Nationwide. If they come through, I think Nationwide is still my 1st choice between the 2.. But if I get an offer from Progressive and not from Nationwide, I'll take this and probably do well.

Feeling worn out and exhausted. Yawn.
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I look at the news to see what I missed, today. I see a piece about possibly as many as 120 US soldiers being killed today, and how the Bush Administration has chosen today to start a bold new campaign...to ban pornography..

Someone's priorities are fucked, and I'm pretty sure they ain't mine.

Read this article. It's fucking great. And the best part is, the man who believes that dancing and drinking coffee will get you sent to hell is all trying to be in charge of telling you what is 'OK' to see or do!

fuck it. Emigrating.
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I'm going to bed in a moment, because I feel really worn out from all the driving. But before I go.

Please, compare!

Brand A.


Brand B.

This has been an explanation of situational truth from the Ministry of Truth.

Remember! Not TrueFacts! GoodFacts! PureThink relies on you, citizen!


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