Apr. 20th, 2004

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So, my first day back is going reasonably well. However, it seems I'm only going to be doing half days today, tomorrow, and probably for the forseeable future, as Kathy came by and VERY insistantly told me 'You're going home at lunch to rest, right?'

Good thing I'm salaried, even if it is a pittance. Though I really do appreciate that they're far more concerned about me taking care of myself than anything else.

Also got to fill out all the College's worker's comp forms, as opposed to the federal and state ones I did at the ER. Wheeeeee. Triplicate!

Say it with me! It's a fun word!

Triplicate! Triplicate! Triplicate!

...Okay, so maybe the Vicodin had some lasting effects.

Had trouble sleeping last night, I'll admit. Hope that doesn't last. Tossing and turning until 3am is even less fun with my leg busted up.

Job hunt:

Apr. 20th, 2004 10:57 am
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Called back the contact I had the other day. The ball is rolling there.
Gonna call the other contact today, too, and see where she is at.
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So, after many requests, I once again am responsible for the dirtiest old man in the Megaman universe.

So far, I've been responsible for using baked goods to bribe the end of conflicts, helping to design revolutionary new space technology with the assistance of chicken wings and mashed potatoes, and rebuilt a Hunter Cyborg in a 'respectfully Ruebenesque' form.

I'd say it's going pretty well.

Edit: Oh! Happy birthday, Becca!


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