May. 12th, 2004

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The first day went well, I think.

There were some snafus based on my new boss filing some paperwork late, but it went well.

I'm working with some fairly good people, and I expect to enjoy myself quite a bit. The job was a quieter day than normal, but that was just fine, it helped me get trained up on a decent amount of what I needed to know.

In case I need to VPN into work at some time in the future, I've got a neato RSA sync key that constantly beeps work and gets a new key every 20 seconds. It is black and has neato LCD readouts.

Can't do LJ at work, of course, but I'm managing.
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Halle Berry only agreed to star in the second X-Men sequel after studio bosses agreed to give her a bigger role in the forthcoming movie. The Oscar-winner was reluctant to reprise her role as Storm in X-Men 3 - but producer Lauren Shuler convinced her by boosting her character's involvement. Schuler says, "I love working with her. We would only write a huge role for her, so she's right in that respect. We would make sure that would happen." Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Famke Janssen are also expected to reprise their roles in film, set to begin shooting next year.

I am GRIPPED with an urge. It seizes me deeply. It commands me.

It says I need to drive to California.

I must find Halle Berry.

And I must relase my pure, unending hatred for that little hack by unleashing a furious torrent of acidic, radioactive urine upon her from a height that I am absolutely SURE will kill her. She shall be destroyed by my stream of righteous fury! It shall surge up from the deepest core of me, and with it shall come vengance.
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Odd request:

Can anyone get me the full lyrics to 'Arise, Arise ye Russian People' from Aleksandr Nevsky?

If possible, with translation. But if not, I'll figure my way through.


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