Jul. 10th, 2004

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Well, even if I did have to get up at 6:30 this morning, it was a productive day.

-Got my new driver's license and all my State of Ohio info updated to new address.
-Got an awesome breakfast at the Starliner Diner
-Had a fun drive down to Dayton, and even if we struck out on finding some good buys of odds and ends at Mendelsson's...
-We got to have a really nice late lunch/dinner with Steve and Noelle @ The Dublin Pun
-I got to get all tore up on 2 smoooooooooooth shots of Jamesons' 1780 and some proper English snakebites (Harp and Woodsbridge)
-LOTR Trivial Pursuit @ Steve's, which my team ended up winning in a 1 pie piece to 4, 5, and 5, come from behind triumph!
-Alex's really awesome cheesecake.
-Put base coats on 2 of the new minis before the budget brushes started showing why they were, well, budget. After Alex pays me back for this pay's bills and such, I'm going to buy some good Citadel ones. I hate paying $5-6 a brush, but these things shed bristles like crazy. But, the wash base coats (in Citadel Capuchin green) look /really/ sweet. A very nice weathered look that a bit of detail will make perfect.
-Made arrangements for Steve and Noelle to come up next weekend, and we'll have some gaming and a nice dinner out with friends. Hurrah!

I'm torn between a nap and CoH, and a nap may win. Back later.


bzarcher: A stand mixer with blue and white flames (Default)

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