Sep. 15th, 2004


Sep. 15th, 2004 10:47 am
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I just got monstrous unexpected geek points.

I don't know how many of you guys read, but he posted recently that Entertainment Weekly really trashed his new book (which is VERY good), and since I'd seen the article and read the book, I decided to write them a letter, and I copied Wil from work today.

The letter! )

Now, here's what I really didn't expect...

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Huh. So this is what it's like to be a fangirl. How gender-swappy.

But seriously, if you haven't read the book, it's a very good read for geek and non-geek, and personally I think his blog is very interesting, because a lot of it is about a guy trying to work in a profession, keep his home life good, raise his kids right, and play some poker now and then, and it's very cool.
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I know you are not a technical person, despite the fact you insisted on transferring to the technical support department.

But I swear to god, if I have to explain that NIC means "Network Interface Card" for the fourth time in as many minutes, because you can't manage to keep the concept of "network card" in your head, it's time for slappins.
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Thanks to Alex loading my old data drive in his file server, I've restored all my music and about half my documents and old academic research. The rest, including all my iTunes playlists and XML files, is on the other drive which will be loaded in next. (We could only load one at a time for PSU reasons.)

First song played on the new machine is fitting...yet amusingly twisted. 

According to the party shuffle, next up is the Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir singing the <i>The Battle Hymn of The Republic</i> (WTF?) and Chubawumba's <i>Tubthumper</i>...very appropriate.


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