Dec. 3rd, 2004

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Oook. So, who next....ah, good.

[ profile] thunder_cunt!

Sarah, you rock.

I know you often don't believe this. But you do.

Lemme do this as a bulleted list, because I'm feeling just like that.

- You're an excellent writer. I think that you will very likely end up published as things go on.
- Despite your claims to the contrary, you are in fact HAWT with capital H A W & T. Perhaps even two 'T's. Yah. It's not just about body (though I don't think anyone'd complain about yours) it's about attitude, and that you have in spades.
- You're often very, very funny.
- You almost always have something to say about everything.
- You're probably a more hardcore gamer than I am.
- You have awesome taste in music and books.
- You talk about all sorts of neat stuff. We never know what to expect next.
- You manage to be obessed with Sailor Moon yet not sound like a 12 year old.
- You've coped with some huge upsets and disappointments in your life by working to succeed even harder.
- You're currently in Nacogdoches. It might be a crappy town, but it's fun as hell to say. And anything that shows up in Bubba-Ho-Tep can't be all bad.
- You have poems that make fun of Ben Affleck. What's not to love?
- You go squeee. A lot.
- Your icons are universally awesome. I just saw the "Get off my lawn!" Jawa. It gives me warm fuzzles.
- You have the sense of humor that can understand mine and not run screaming in terror.

Just keep rawking with your cawk out. Or if not a cawk, your favorite pseudo-cawk of choice.


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