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I'm pretty much a 'Cat Person'. Cats are the only really interactive pets I've ever had. (The fishtank we used to keep when I was growing up was pretty, and fun to watch, but it's not like they can really be more than a fixture...)

Ever so, I will not, cannot, and do not ever understand cats. Tonight is a perfect example.

Anyone who has met Mr. B knows that he is a very friendly cat - to a point. He'll let you pet him, he'll climb up on you, he might even jump onto you as a stepping stone to somewhere else, but he's not a lap cat, and attempts to forcibly make him so usually end in scratches and bites.

So of course, tonight, as I was sitting and reading while I waited on my laundry, he decided it was time to jump up onto my armchair and settle in my lap.

I have to admit I was so surprised at this I just sort of stared at him until he looked over and gave me a very severe 'Pet me, dumbass!' look. So I started doing so. Who am I to argue?

Eventually, he popped up and left, and after a bit I went to go get my laundry out of the dryer. As I was putting things in the hamper to take upstairs, Mr. B came into the laundry room to see what I was doing, and jumped up on top of the dryer, so I reached out to pet him.

And he bit my hand.

No, I do not understand cats.


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