May. 16th, 2009

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A ton of the food bloggers / communities I follow are talking about Brussels Sprouts this week. Did I miss a memo?

Oh, well.

Parts of D&D last night were a lot of fun, and parts of it had me so frustrated that I very nearly got up and left. Those parts could be cleanly divided into 'RPing' and 'Combat'.

I think the problem is that Scott has no idea how to build a balanced encounter. With a party of low level PCs, one or two enemies who can cast a bunch of status ailments (like, say, BLIND, which is how my Paladin spent about 4 real time hours of combat last night) are pretty challenging, and can become very frustrating. ("And you take 10 damage, and you're blind." Get to my turn, stumble around for a bit, end turn, "OK! I save", then immediately after, "And you take 10 damage, and you're blind again." Repeat ad nauseum!)

Putting us in a situation where the ground is suddenly entirely difficult terrain really doesn't make this any better.

Scott keeps justifying this by saying "Yeah, but look at all the XP you'll get by the end of the session!", and I have to argue that XP matters very little compared to spending a night being frustrated and unhappy.


bzarcher: A stand mixer with blue and white flames (Default)

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