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Just an idea that's been bouncing around the last few days, and I decided to see about putting it on 'paper'.

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So, as [ profile] spartanfan requested: What I feel about CoH issue #3.


I still hold it at arms length, though, because #1 & #2 failed utterly to do anything that would make me want to play the game, and I'm betting a lot of people felt the same.

But, I'll admit, the last 8 pages or so were much better, though I still think the way he (mis) handled Sister Psyche is still dumb.


I am also reposting a comment I left for herr [ profile] spartanfan, because it is STILL TRUE.

Besides, I hold to my guns after reading some of Mark Waid's big "team books" recently (JLA, FF, X-men, Avengers, JSA) - he seems to repeat the theme of "Break the team and expose flaws/pressures/stresses that were never there before under other writers or canon, and turn all the members against each other more than the against the villians."

The fact that EVERY recent TPB of a team book that Mark Waid wrote (and I checked them all out of Columbus Public Library over the past month, so I do KNOW this, because I researched it like a good historian before I made my outlandish claims) doesn't say to me "This means he's treating City of Heroes like any other good Super Hero setting", as [ profile] twfarlan suggested. It says to me that Mark Waid doesn't know how to write any other kind of book. (In deference to [ profile] snowspinner, He did his best to deconstruct the team in his FF run, though not quite in the same way, and to show that there were a lot of divisions, psyche issues, and serious stresses on the team that hadn't appeared before, and particularly did some very nasty things to Reed Richards which came out of left field and may or may not have really been needed.)

But, we'll see. I know the book is changing writers soon. Maybe I will like it more then. Regardless, Waid doesn't have too many issues left.

In other news: Thai food incredibly fucking tasty. Full. In love with a wonderful girl and happy. Film at 11.
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Yeah, they currently suck. My controller and my ice tank are looking rather sad.


Remember I3? Remember I2? Remember how God-awfully terrible those looked when they first went to test, and how they DID change based on feedback and honest to god testing rather than just complaints?

Get yourself copied up there. Go try missions. Send real reports to the devs through the feedback system and through board posts, and we can turn this around. It will probably never be perfect for either side, but if we can get it to where the players are OK with it but still somewhat unhappy, and the devs are OK with it but still somewhat unhappy, it probably means we did about what the game needed.
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Encouraged, perhaps even seduced to do an alt for his new sub-SG from the City Watch, and enticed by the idea of getting to do some CoH RP on regularly scheduled nights, I've created (yet another) new alt. Replaced Control Rod since I haven't really enjoyed playing him, and I'll have one slot left on Virtue for my eventual Peacebringer when I get Doyle to 50. (2.75 levels to go...)

He's a Rad/Dark defender.

Charged by the power of City Watch Enterprises technology and intravenous mocha...


Find him on Virtue for a quick pick-me up.
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Dear Jack,


I'm a huge fan of City of Heroes. I kept watching what my friends who got into the Beta were doing, I got interested, and I bought the game as soon as I could. I've been playing since before issue 1. I've been all over the maps. Hollows, Striga, Talos, Peregrine, Portals, you name it, I went there.

I've played every AT except Kheldians, and I'm pretty close to hitting 50 and making one of those, too.

I LOVE THE GAME. Ok? I drank the kool-aid and I'm in the Program.

Now that we've got some background...

What the hell are you thinking with the new Comic Book, Jack?

This isn't even close to the game, the story, or the NPC characters you created. Why, exactly, is it supposed to make ANYONE want to play?

And the last panel of issue 2? What?! WHAT?

You did NOT just do that.

Now, I'm willing to admit that it's entirely possible that you don't have control of what Waid is writing, and that Mark Waid may not have actually played the game, isn't giving you input, and he's just building this thing off his own imagination rather than anything which has to do with the game.

If that's the case? Can you go in, get with Mr. Waid, and slap him around. Maybe a nice, gentle cockslapping.

Well, not that gentle. Drop the pants, whip it out, and break his nose with it.

This comic would turn me off the game if I hadn't played CoH before I read it. For that matter, I'm not even going to read the comic from here on out. All I'm going to do is read the still EXCELLENT Tim Buckley 4-panels in the back and throw the rest out, until you pick up a new writer.

Hey, here's an idea: Tim Buckley and Scott Kurtz actually did a good job of capturing the feel of the game. A great, funny, interesting, made my friends want to play, kind of job.

Get them to do it.

Love, kisses, and get me I5 soon so I can make an Archery Blaster,



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