Mar. 17th, 2004

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Work's been a fun little meatgrinder all morning since I got back, but I'm finally on my feet, I think.

Oddly enough, I ended up leaving Howard Stern on for the drive back, and had a minor revelation: He's not such a bad guy. Sure, he did a little bit of stuff that made me roll my eyes a bit (fart stuff, some jokes, mentioning that he didn't see that much wrong with being harder on suspected terrorists), but there was quite a bit more that I could dig. He's very anti-censorship, even before the Clear Channel stuff, he was pointing out glaring omissions or unsupported statements in the news that I'd had issues with, took on problems with the administration's support of outsourcing, and he was very behind the troops out in the military. (He even had some on as guests today.)

He's very much in the "I may not like what the administration is doing, but I support the troops 100%" camp, and seemed genuinely concerned about the lives of those in the field. Very cool.

I never thought that much of the guy, and I feel a bit bad that I tarred him up without ever taking a listen, now.
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When your computer routinely sends out a rooster tail of dust from the PS fans when started up, it is TIME TO CLEAN.

When your computer has 3 inch long dust bunnies inside of it, it is TIME TO CLEAN.

When you consider this normal to see when you open a box, you've clearly been working repair somewhere much like Wooster.


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