May. 2nd, 2004

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The reinstall didn't help. Now it says that the HDD doesn't have enough space for patching Galaxies. This is a 40 gig drive with 28 gigs free.

I'm worried that it might mean that this means the HDD is going to fail, which sucks. I may have to borrow an external USB or Firewire drive to back up the several gigs of music and research I'd like to save.

I am starting to plan just how much I'd need to stop re-using or re-furbing parts, and just buying a totally new machine, all new parts, top to bottom. Build it, run it, and not worry about it.

Fuckfuckfuckfuck. Got a suggestion to try changing out the IDE cables for some spares. Did so. And now it won't recognize any of the IDE devices.

Tried booting with just one IDE device plugged in, tried booting with the old cables again. No change.

I'm getting just a bit frustrated.
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Okay, I feel a lot less desperate and frustrated. Did a total recable and it's working again.

Not going to try reinstalling SW:G for a bit, however.

I think my plan (hah!) is going to be to limp her along until I'm working full time. From there, I think a new machine seems the best idea. No more worries about part failures or whatever, and then maybe figure out exactly what on this machine ought to be replaced, do so, and give it to Lisa.
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In all the frustration and anger of the morning/early afternoon, I almost forgot a snippet that hit me just before I woke up. It had a very Illuminatus sort of tone to it, but also a touch of alternative history.

"Good evening. I'm Walter Cronkite, and this is the CBS Evening News. Our top story tonight comes from Washington D.C., where Dr. Timothy Leary's Aquarian Army still holds control over much of the capital. Specially trained forces from the 101st Airborne attempted to dislodge the counterculture forces from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but were soundly defeated when Leary's Dream Commandos disarmed them with song and dancing that jammed their weapons, and female members then stripped naked and seduced the soldiers, eventually turning them into converts through what Leary's spokesperson, Karma Lama Abbie Hoffman, called 'Trantric Truth.'

President Nixon categorically denied that the 'groove' suppression gear that was recently touted as a new weapon for American forces was ineffective, and instead blamed the Army for not providing sufficient training before sending forces into combat. Meanwhile, the counterculture still holds control of Congress, and the White House is being increasingly bombarded with bills and demands for his surrender to what they call a 'new peace and love for the nation.' Vice President Agnew, currently in 'de-hipping' therapy after his narrow escape, refused to comment.

San Francisco, Greenwich Village, and other counterculture strongholds continue to send support to the nation's capitol, and international sentiment is increasingly rising against the 'Big Downer' of the current administration, including a shockingly inflammatory statement from England's newly established council of Druids, Wizards, and Associated Freaks, which we cannot repeat on the air.

Meanwhile, NASA and other government researchers still work to find effective ways to combat the carefree attacks and devastatingly loose tactics of their opponents, with much of the research focusing on Wall Street, the so called 'unhippest place on Earth.'"

I feel like I should do something with this, but I've no idea what.
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Why the hell am I having a donut craving?

If I could actually carry things, I think I'd be tempted to go to Wal-mart.

Good thing I can't.
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I would be DELICIOUS!!

mMmmmm. Funny comics + neat stories from girlfriend = Much Happier Matt.


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