May. 3rd, 2004

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So, apparently on Friday or so (last time I drove), I tapped the dome light switch with my crutches while either taking them out of or getting them into the car. Whoops.

Needless to say, I needed a jump this morning. Not the best start to the day. On the other hand, I've been pretty productive at work preparing all my stuff for the office's move to the new building at the end of the week, and my personal stuff to take home. Solved a few problems, and explained to a nice Jamaican girl that the reason her copy of Office had all those bugs wasn't because her computer was broken, but because her copy of Office had been rather badly pirated. (Leaving DLLs and Dictionaries out is BAD. Bad pirate! Sloppy workmanship!)

Looks like TJ and Ally are coming down tonight, possibly, which would be coolio, and the guys in the office are talking about going out to lunch. Far better than the cup wonton soup I brought in today, believe me. And they even offered to pay for me. Hooah!
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Mmm. Good food and retirements seem to go together.

The Figges are retiring from the German department after 30 years of teaching here. Pretty much the entire faculty turned out for the reception, and I was surprised that both of them found me as I hopped around talking to some people to thank me for all the help I'd given them both over the last years there. And to think I came to thank them for all the things they'd done.

It's sad to think that they are going, but I also know they have earned their time in the sun.

I am also bouyed by the stupendously good berry napoleons they were serving. The bavarian creme had sliced blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries folded into it, with that awesome pastry around it, and garnished with both almonds and chocolate.

It was a good way to end a day, even if I did come back to work to finish some stuff.


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