Jul. 25th, 2004

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This is my own promise to you, my love.

I promise to give you as much time as we can make for each other. I promise that you are the last I think of at night, and first when I wake. I promise that I will always be there when you need me, and that I will always come when you ask me to.

I love you, and I promise that I will always love you with my whole heart. :D

I don't tell you nearly enough that you make my days that much better, and that just your words or your voice can make me smile. My heart leaps when I see you, and my soul sings when you are near.

I love you, Lisa. And I promise I will do my best to make every moment we share special.

Goodnight, darling. Sweet dreams.
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No offense. ;D

A quite naughty quiz, cut for those working or not in that mood. )
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Did a bunch of grocery shopping, cleaned the house, saw people off this morning, and now more people want to play games.

The party never seems to stop. And we have a nice wall clock in the living room, now.


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