Aug. 2nd, 2004

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Well, today didn't go as planned.

I called the mattress mart this morning.

"Hi, do you still have the Queen sized box springs for $30?"

"Yes we do!"

"And can I buy just a box spring?"

"Yes sir, you can."

So, I drove down there after work since Alex was off D&Ding.

First, they were out of the mattresses. No surprise. They also wouldn't sell them to me except as a set. A bit annoying, but I could deal with that. The problems started when the salesman offered to order a set for me...but when he rang them up, it was about $50 more than the promised price. Nuh-uh.We disagree for a minute and he gets the manager. Manager tries to dodge by saying the ad price probably expired today. Then I call them on telling me they could order it at the sale price, and he relents.

Because he's not looking happy, I ask if there's any way they could sell just a box spring, since the salesman had mentioned that they had the more expensive ($130 for the set @ sale price, $200 w/o) level in stock. Told him I'd take it today, if they could do it. Manager considers, says no, we go on.
Then, we get to the delivery part.

"You want delivery?"

"Sure. Is it extra?"

"Yeah, but not much."

"How much is not much?"


"So I'd be paying for delivery as much as I pay for the set, just about."

"Well, yeah. Or you could come back here when it week? And we'd strap it to the top of your car."

Everyone who has seen my car may now laugh.

I told him I'd take a day to think about it. I don't think I'm coming back.

Get a call from [ profile] neeri, who has had the mother of all bad days, leading to me acquiring a friend to give her some legal counsel in the near future. I have her meet me at the house, and I take her out for dinner.

Between entrees, dessert, and the drinks she badly needed, I ended up paying about as much as I would have for the mattress set if I'd gotten it without paying for shipping.

All things considered, I think I spent my money far more responsibly.

And now, [ profile] skarlette's home. :D


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