Sep. 3rd, 2004

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Got myself all spiffed up for my 1 on 1 with the director of CSIT here, as part of her quarterly check-ins. Nice slacks, oxford, polished shoes, tie, the works. Even made sure my hair looked nice before I walked over.

...and she's in a sweater-vest, jeans, and a "Texas is for Cowgirls!" t-shirt. Doh!

Though, I think I made a good impression. She was very surprised that I chose to get dressed up on a casual Friday just because I was meeting with her.

We sat, had a good and friendly conversation, and went over how I felt I was doing, things I had questions on or thought could be improved, where I felt I was strong, some of my background at Wooster, etx.

All in all, I felt very good about the meeting and left with a nice spring in my step. Especially since she asked how long I'd been here, and when I confirmed that yes, it was just over three months, she nodded, and checked that I was on a 6 month contract to hire, with a potential to extend the contract period. She then smiled and said that I shouldn't worry too much, considering all the excellent feedback she'd been getting about me!

Even more surprising, apparently my boss has been forwarding her my weekly status reports! And she likes how I write and work on things! She even complimented me on the initial project documentation I worked on for the mac users. :D
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Oy vey. 3 production down calls right before the production down tech was going to leave. I feel sorry for him.

But, I'm glad I am not him, tonight. :D

Hopefully going out with some people for dinner again tonight.


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