Nov. 30th, 2004


Nov. 30th, 2004 12:03 am
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I grew up with the knowledge that Nintendo's avatar Mario and Sega's avatar Sonic were mortal enemies. To see Sonic on a Nintendo system is like seeing Cobra Commander wearing a GI Joe uniform.

[ profile] skarlette's flight got in (though a bit late), and I passed a message for her to aid getting her picked up at the right time. (I think.)

Hope you see this tonight before you sleep, love. I miss you already. *Kiss*

See you in my dreams.
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I'll bet you forgot all about these, didn't you?

So. [ profile] riotlounge. You get to be first!

Nico, Nico, Nico. :>

You're an amazing artist. I know you don't often believe that, but I think your work is certainly publish quality, and that if you decided to do some large-canvas works, you could probably get into a gallery.

You're also definently a very fun snarking partner, especially if we've both got our mental crosshairs trained on the same person/thing/whatever.

You're really taking the time to look at your life, and your issues, and to address them and to get where you want to go. You're fantastically brave because of that. I can't stress that point enough. I know quite a few people who don't have half your guts.

You were probably one of the first people on PvP to open up and talk to me (yay!) and since then we found out that one of us was intarweb stalkign the other.

I have visions of you someday showing up in my house with cat ears, bloody hedge clippers, and a demented smile, promising murder.

Plus, you're also dating one of the Brotherhood of Matts. And you like barbeque.

How cool is that?

Five fuckboots out of five.
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Yes, Rose, it's your turn.

I think at least half the people reading this know [ profile] coloratura_diva.


Because she's an incredibly friendly and sweet person! She'll talk to just about anyone, and tries to reach out to people regularly and share with them.

She has an amazing singing voice, and there are times when the similarities between herself and her husband and Lisa and I are just...well, scary!

I'll be the first to admit that she has some very odd posting habits, but it also gives her a very strong and easily recognizable personality. You KNOW just what sort of mood she's in, and that mood's usually quite a good one!

It's always good to hear from her, and her words are frequent and kind.

Yaaay, Rose! (And happy anniversary to you and Tristan!)
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Silly Phuzzy. Of course I remember you.

[ profile] highbard is one of those 'MUSHing people.' However, he doesn't stop there.

He's a guy who puts himself into everything he does, and makes sure to leave a firm stamp of 'self' on his characters.

He's a radio guy.

He's a newspaper guy.

He's a guy who stands up for people, even when it puts him in the risk of severe harm.

He's a lunatic who called me on the phone and tried to put me on live radio while I was in the can.

And he wears a beret.

How cool is that?
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I promise that'll be the only Thunderbirds joke I make. The world has enough puppets right now.

[ profile] indigoskynet has a very long username.

Fortunately for Indigo, it's packed to the very gills with awesome.

I can't believe the way you turn out art. I'm actually kinda blessed with how many artists I know. But you do so many fun little sketches every day that it makes a guy's head spin. Just look at your art projects for the drawing counterpart to NaNoWriMo.

How much did you end up doing again? 140% of the goal? Over 13,000 inches of sketches, drawings, etx?

Good god, Girl!

You're quite intelligent and good to debate stuff with. You're someone who understands the unique hell of tech support from the inside. You know comic books. You game. You write. You hit cons. You cook. You travel. You...

Well, hell, is there anything you don't do?

I first friended you right after your apartment got robbed. It's been really something watching you come back from that and build back up. You found a lot of ways to keep yourself going, and you never let the shadows around you swallow you up.

Plus, every time you start mentioning that you'd like to have me cloned, or other various compliments and attempts to get in line should [ profile] skarlette ever get tired of me, I blush to the top of my head.

No. I do. My ears turn kinda reddish-purple. It scares the clergy.

You do a very good job of standing up for yourself. You know when to dig your heels in, and you know when to let things down gently and walk away.

And hey, you've got Buckaroo Banzai quotes in your info page. What else do I need to say about that?

I also covet your permanent account.

*covet* *covet* *covet*
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Oh. Administrative note.

Go see The Incredibles.

Failure to do so will result in a fonging.


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