Dec. 1st, 2004

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What can you say about a man who invented the Infinity Pants?

[ profile] flying_landon is that man. Daring enough to send his pants into the breach time and time again, until they were no more.

Landon's another person I met through M3, and has always been a very interesting sort of player.

(Let's face it - He started as Frost Man. Perhaps the best Frost Man ever. And it says a lot that you play an amusing, startling, and often touching retarded robot.)

But he didn't stop there. From his Maverick creations, to Pants Man, to the various good ideas and mischief he caused as an admin, this is someone who could always make you smile.

As things went on, we started to talk, and I was pretty grins to find out we shared a good love of tabletop mayhem, particularly as I start ekeing my way into Warhammer 40k. Plus, he's always been up for a good bit of us vs. the world mayhem in Dawn of War. :>

Not always the loudest guy, or the most obvious, he's still someone you can count on to drop in with a nice heavy Bolter when you need it most.
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It never wants to be quite satisfied with what it has. Hungry, really. I see 3, 6, and 9 as the constantly devouring predators of the number line. 7s, 1s, and 4s wander like giraffes and the wildebeest, unknowing of their fate.

But this post isn't about the circle of numeric life upon the lush veldt. It's about [ profile] timroff.

Tim's a solid guy. He's got some very strong convictions, and he won't let back from them. You know where he stands, but he does his best not to preach or rail against people who don't feel the same who read his journal. I can't be that nice, half the time.

Tim's getting married soon to [ profile] dania_audax, and I don't think I have to explain why that's awesome. Having the love of a good woman will take you farther in life than almost anything else.

Tim's seen troubles with his job, changes in his life, and the inevitable turmoil of getting ready to wrap two people into one package, but he just keeps pushing on and keeping up with everything. You don't see him complain or go crazy. He just puts his head down and pushes a bit harder.

It's a brave thing.

You're a good man, Tim. I'm glad you're around.
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[ profile] iamharrynelson, this is going to be kinda short.

Why? Because when I think of you, it comes down to one thing: You're fabulous.

Kai on Queer Eye fabulous.
Nathan Lane in The Birdcage fabulous.
Harvey Milk kinda fabulous.
Not Harvey Fierstien sort of fabulous, tho. I'm guessing you don't have a voice that's been hit with a cheese grater.

If someone says "It's fabulous", you come to mind.

You're always fun to hang out with in City of Heroes, and we always enjoy your company.

Now go be fabulous.
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So, I've been thinking.

I'd say that my 'ego boost' posts have probably been one of the most well-recieved and personally rewarding mini-writing projects I've done in awhile.

Obviously I still have a fair chunk of the list to go, but I'm getting there! And I really like doing it. So why stop?

I'm thinking what I'm going to do is this: If you want an ego boost, let me know. AIM, comments, email, whatever.

Soon as you are up in the list, you get one. And this will be around permanently, not just as a meme.



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