Dec. 28th, 2004


Dec. 28th, 2004 11:33 am
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Sometimes you save the best for last.

In the case of these ego boosts I've been doing, I've been lucky in my friends that the best have really been the theme of the whole damn thing. But it's still nice that we (at least for the moment) seem to be ending with [ profile] narel.

On even the most curorsy examination of Amanda, you'll find three things.

1. Singing.
2. Tolkien.
3. Cleavage. Puppies.

This is a pretty good start to the wild, wide, wooly world of Amanda, but there's a lot beneath that.

Certainly, singing and music is a very major part of her, since she is not only blessed with a lovely and powerful voice, but she has chosen to make music her path and career in life. If you get a chance to hear her, even if she's just going through things in her room, it's always a nice treat. We met because of the Wooster Chorus, and she's one of the friends I'm very glad I kept after I left it.

Then there is her remarkably dark sense of humor. When at the lunch tables or relaxing in Andrews, I know there were quite a few times where she'd be one of the few people to get and enjoy some of my more misanthropic jokes, and she'd almost always have one or two of her own to answer with.

For that matter, Amanda has also almost always been there when a friend was needed - even if I didn't always realize it at the time. Especially in my last year at Wooster, where often as not I was unintentionally making myself a hermit, it wasn't that uncommon for her to show up at my doorstep, Meg in tow, to bring gifts of food or sugar and to watch some RahXephon or Trigun, or with batted eyelashes and devastating pout to borrow my oven for a bit so they could do some baking.

You're insidious, you know.

But it was a delightful break from less than regular human contact, and something that even at my occasional grumpiness, I was glad to have when it was said and done. (And you need to visit the new house, dammit!)

One other thing I strongly like about Amanda, though it doesn't always come through in her journal, is her love of history and the classics: someone I could pretty regularly discuss history stuff with who wasn't in the history department was damned rare, and I always enjoyed chances to share.

Plus, she found the recipie for Greek Fire.

Warm hugs, warm voice, warm enemies burning in torment that they cannot extinguish. Can you ask for more from a friend?
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I haven't been spending too much time tooting my own horn whilst tooting others, but I feel a need to today.

Most years, when I get clothes for Christmas, even stuff from 'big men's' catalouges, I usually have to hem, tuck, or alter them before they fit right.

Today, because I was in a hurry, I decided to take a gamble and open one of the office shirts and a set of the slacks I got for Christmas, which I hadn't had time to try on yet.

Both not only fit right out of the bag, they fit incredibly well. Not too snug, not too loose. Comfortable and easy to move in. I've even been complimented on them today.

I can't tell you how good that feels.
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When you're eating decorated holiday sugar cookies, and your primary enjoyment is not the yummy tastiness, but the fact that you get to destroy something that clearly took a good hour of work to bake and decorate so nicely, it's probably the wrong reason to eat them.

Fun, tho.
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Happy Birthday, Angela.

Everyone wish Steve luck - he was a bit of a wreck after the Step 2 boards, but I think we have him straight, now.

So tired.

Got my package from [ profile] silentsteel! Good lord, that was a lot of stuff. Thank you, hon. *HUG*

Love you, [ profile] skarlette.


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