Mar. 5th, 2009

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  • 12:54 @caitlinchris Yep. Waiver pickup. #
  • 14:50 Antrpov to NYR? That's either brilliant or disaster in the making, and I'm not sure which... #NHLtrade #
  • 15:09 @MFischel - Yeah, I don't think the Coyotes will be back in the playoff hunt, but they got better for next year for sure. #nhltrade #
  • 00:07 @indigoskynet - Daft Punk? Whoa!! #
  • 09:04 Alex and I both really sick this morning. Thinking we got a bit of food poisoning from late dinner run. #
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I really have nothing good to say about getting food poisoning. (At least that's what I'm pretty sure what happened, since Alex asked if we could do a Wendy's run last night, we both got a burger, and now we're both home ill).

However, it -did- let me meet the mailman at the door for the first of two packages I should be getting from Amazon over the next couple days, which included several books I got myself for my birthday and the FlameKa kit for my mixer. :) I'm extremely pleased with how it came out!
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So, occasionally I try to do something with this than spew bizarre links and occasionally whiny rambling. This is one of those times.

Some of you guys know Rajah Suleyman from FO or the TF2 server I like to hang out on. I've occasionally pimped his photography site when people have asked about digital photography because he's one of the better ones I know.

Now, that said, I guess Lenovo is doing a contest called 'Name Your Dream'. You talk about something you've always dreamed of doing, people vote, and if you win, you get $50,000 and a free laptop, and they tell you to go out and do it.

Here's his idea.

With each passing day it seems there's more and more to be discouraged about. I want to travel to impoverished and depressed regions across the globe and show that there's so much more joy that we don't see than pain that we do.

With each passing day it seems there's more and more to be discouraged about. Financial meltdown, environmental crisis, war, famine, drought, disease, genocide, there's no shortage of sadness and pain and hardship. It's all we see, no matter where we turn.

I want to find the antidote.

I plan to travel the world, focusing largely on impoverished and depressed regions of both developing and "First World" nations, highlighting the simple ways people manage to find joy in such tumultuous times. Whether it's Filipino street children playing patintero or Malawian men enjoying a game of soccer or a band playing Appalachian music in rural America, I hope to capture the little things that bring people such profound joy.

I will maintain a blog as I travel, recounting my experiences as well as sharing the photos I capture. Once the trip is over, I hope to compile their stories and images in a book, the full proceeds of which will go to the people I have visited and lived with.

All too often, the sorrow and pain of the world gets the front page attention while the happiness and joy is saved for the Lifestyle section. I want to do what I can to balance that out.

I think this is an incredible goal. I think this is a wonderful idea. And I'd like to ask you to please vote for him.

Thanks. We now return to your regularly scheduled INTERNET.


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