Apr. 3rd, 2009

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All this week has felt a bit like my life is speeding back up, after things came to a halt when I got the call about Dad. I have a hard time believing it was just over a week ago - it seems like longer, honestly.

Of course, the flipside of that is that occasionally it feels like I have -no- time, like Tuesday when I felt like I was constantly dashing from one thing to the next without a chance to catch my breath. It seemed like I was finishing one thing, running to the next, and still running late!

Today isn't as bad, but there's still that sense of tension as I get ready for New York. Wasn't that weeks away? Didn't we have time? What do you mean I have to be on a plane tomorrow morning? And what happened to getting our playoff tickets figured out? Shit!

Where's my passport? Where my camera? Where's my headphones so I can listen to music on the flight? Do laundry, do I have enough socks, do I need to run out for anything at the last minute? Medications, CPAP machine's bag, everything else, and of course, the usual 'OK, what am I forgetting...?'

I know it'll all come together, but still...

I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but Dad's outpaitent therapy is going to start Monday, so he's unable to go. (Plus, Times Square might be...a litte much for him, which I totally understand), and Mom is going to stay with him, so it'll be Alison, my Grandparents, and I. Not quite what we planned, but it'll work out, and certainly better for Dad.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:52 pm
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Audible offers up Hugo-nominated audiobook collection 'Metatropolis' for FREE.

Well, that takes care of what to listen to on the flight.

ATTN: Klegman, one of the guys reading for this collection is "Hockey Night."

You know what to do.


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