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We'll be offline from probably 4pm tomorrow until sometime Saturday. This obviously includes our Vonage line. We will have the cable intarweb linkups at the new house by noon tomorrow, but I don't know when the computers and networking hardware will actually make the trip.

If you need to contact us, please use our cellphones, and be paitent. I promise we'll be back on the air soon.
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Look - I know a ton of you people worship Warren Ellis. But when he says I need to be hurt, I'm hoping you don't obey his commands.

Particularly those of you who know my address.

And I would remind you I'm armed.
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Buccaneer - > Perversion of Barbacoa - > Precursor of Barbeque.

Next time I grill, I need a pirate hat.
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I had an idea for a really neat MoS wallpaper - I even managed to get the clean art (no text or panel lines) to make it with. But my art skills fail at that point. (Plus, no photoshop. :D)

Would anyone like to help me make a wallpaper that I'm going to give back to the MoS guys as a thank-you? I can send you the TGA file I've been working with, plus what I planned to do. I just need someone with the skiznils I lack to help me finish it.

Needless to say, full credit to whomever helps. :D
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Things + Stuff

1. Congrats again for the wedding of [ profile] dania_audax and [ profile] timroff. It was beautiful, you both looked wonderful, and it was a wonderful time.

2. The Coventry/Euclid Heights neighborhood in Cleveland is still nifty.

3. I *heart* America: The Audiobook.

4. Hooking of Alex on 40k is successful - he apparently bought his HQ and troops for a Witch Hunters/Sisters army while we were gone.

5. After all that driving, my next car will definently have cruise control.

6. It was nice to drive through Wooster on the way back.

7. Cleveland streets suck.

8. The B-side Lounge in Cleveland Heights is AWESOME. We need a bar like this.

9. There is no 9.

10. Yay for [ profile] skarlette.

11. Boo for my parents needling and pushing us again about getting married. What part of "We're not ready for that yet" don't they understand?

12. Boo for car repairs. After $400 worth of "vital repairs" to the brakes and alignment, the car honestly doesn't feel a damn bit different, and I was looking for SOME sign of change in the 7 or so hours I've been driving this weekend, so I think I'm qualified in saying that now.

13. Fuck you, Crown Kia/Chrysler/Mercedes of Dublin. Fuck you.

14. The immediate death of Roger Simpson, 1412 Liberty Ave, Ortosky CA. He knows why.


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