Feb. 2nd, 2004

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So after 2 days of fighting whatever the hell this is, I am now officially insomniac. Ain't that fun?

I really want to try and go to work tomorrow, but if this keeps up, there's no way. We'll see, but right now, it surely does suck.
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When I catch whomever took my sleep, I'm gonna beat them like a red headed stepchild. I swear. Or maybe like one of the Jackson kids if I'm feeling particularly vicious.

Dammit, dammit, dammit.
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Okay, it's time to be smart.

After waking up and seeing how I felt, I made the executive decision to stay home. Called the boss and got backed up 100%.
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Why Treble is still better than Rush.

I think I /may/ be abotu ready for some more solid food. Going to try some vegetable soup the grandparents sent.
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I did crack open Panzer Dragoon Orta and Splinter Cell this weekend.

I *heart* P. Dragoon. It's great. And having the original game on there is a nice nostalgia trip. I'm up to episode 3 and enjoying it quite a bit.

Splinter Cell....I dunno. Maybe it's just that I've been sick, but I'm not really getting into it. The menus are hard to read, the 'radar' and gauges are crap, the levels are hard to see in with or without the optics and night vision, the routes are confusing, and I'm generally left feeling unsatisfied by the rewards I get from the challenge.

I'll keep on with both of them as time goes by, but right now I know which game is going to be in there when I go to play next.

Well, okay, probably Crimson Skies.

Edit: Hey. Um. Is it just me, or as I watch various replays of the 'Janet Jackson incident' on CNN and elsewhere...is it me, or does she look like she was dressing up in a bad Scorpius costume?
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Soup doesn't seem to be upsetting me so far. Whee!

Another snap reaction: I watched bits and pieces of the Traffic miniseries, and I keep seeing ads for it.

And as far as I could tell, the biggest message that came through to kids was not 'Don't do drugs and get involved with bad people', but 'smoke pot and your sexy neighbor is going to come over and have sex in your parents pool with you, and then get into the /really/ crazy shit.'

Of course, the kids would suffer an emo haircut, but still.
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Talking to Lisa for an hour was wonderful. Turns out she had just as bad a weekend as I did, if for different reasons. (Lost her ATM card, one of her housemates hurt her leg yesterday and had an allergic reaction to something at the hospital, the whole works.)

Spent the first ten minutes trading stories and being there for each other. And as corny as it sounds, when she told me that she'd been so afraid for Paulette and wanted to have me there to hold her until she finally got home at 3am her time (almost exactly when I finally got to sleep), well....I think I know why I couldn't sleep last night, now.

Cheered her up with some funny local stories, including one I'll include here: A Marc's discount purchased a crate of 'ceramic figurines' down in Miami at a US customs auction. (Marc's is a chain at least in NE Ohio. Anywhere else, I've no idea). But one of the figures fell out and cracked...and they found human bone inside. Sent it and the rest to the police for X-rays...

And each and every trinket contained a human skull.

Neat, huh?

We also talked about jobs, politics, things from when I was there, friends, things we wanted to do, and the CSI furry episode, leading to many more evil jokes that made her laugh.

And honestly? I think making her laugh made my entire week better.


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