Feb. 24th, 2004

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It has not been a good morning.

1) Burned hand while making oatmeal.
2) Slipped on ice going out of the door.
3) Realized while on the ground that I had shut the door and locked my keys inside.
4) Printer supply vendor sent us the wrong model rollers and we didn't find out till I was on site trying to fix a down unit.
5) User's machine won't take CD-R copy of Mac: Office 2001 to fix a problem she created...and the original seems to be missing.
6) The Wayans brothers are still considered funny.

I want a hug from Lisa.

Or a noose.
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It's been an odd afternoon, but far better than the morning.

Got paid today, which is nice. Got the Detox tea that Lisa wanted me to get in the mail, and while there've been several work SNAFUs, none of them have been my fault. (Though while working over there, I noticed that at the PEC, there's an athletic record up on the wall for a P. Smanik. Kate, is this P. related to you?)

And, I looked good at the staff meeting.

To my surprise, my boss gave me the whole day off, not just the afternoon, for my job interview. YAY! Though oddly enough, it got moved from Crosswoods (near Worthington), to down by Nationwide Arena.

To those keeping score, this means nearly every job interview I have had in Columbus lately has been within walking distance of Nationwide Arena. It's a little odd.

Also, got a Warren Ellis BadSignal that the record company 555 recordings, which among other things publishes BitShifter, is going under. Therefore I have ordered BitShifter's new CD and their $2 sampler as my contribution to help fight this. (Well, that and linking them.) A good use of $13, I think.

I'm currently thinking of getting Fud after work, rather than going to Lowry or making the soup I have in the pantry. Not pizza, not fast food. Real, sit down, fud. Not sure I want Chinese, tho, as good as Sue Min sounds, because I'm going to have Japanese tomorrow. (No, they aren't the same, but it's close enough right now. Plus, Sue Min is a bit of a drive.)

Maybe I'll get subs. I haven't had subs since the weekend I got my tax return. Hmm...
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So dinner was a trip to Longhorn, after [livejournal.com profile] crazigriffin told me to. (Yes, I'm a pawn!)

I got seated fast, and surprised myself. I ordered an 11 oz strip, salad, potato.
Left feeling like I'd eaten too much, and I barely touched the potato. FAN-TASTIC. Good steak, too. Topped with onions, a reduction sauce, and sliced mushroom.

Lisa is the best in the world. Nervous but OK about job interview.

Film at 11.


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