Feb. 25th, 2004

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Now that I've that out of my system: The job interview went extremely well. The guy turned out to be their senior recruiter, and he liked my resume, profile, qualificatios, and my goals. The position he has in mind for me would be contract to hire, and while I scored below average on 2 of their automated tests (SCSI and VPN, both of which he didn't care about, because he didn't expect me to have much experience in them by my resume, nor are they needed for the job. Though if there is VPN required, they will train me on-site anyhow.) Everything else I either scored at or above average, which had him quite happy. (I even scored average on OS errors, which suprised me. I don't usually do well at all in translating Hex.)
I've been asked to modify my resume a bit to make my phone experience a bit more emphasized, get it back to him, and he'll hopefully have me in with the client ASAP.

The recruiter was also quite happy about my willingness to move without compensation (at least for just down to Columbus), to be ready within 17 days, and my salary requirements.

All in all, I'm hopeful.

Second: Stopped at Toys R' Us to avoid a 315 traffic jam until an accident had been cleared. Found the TIE bomber lego kit on sale. BOUGHT. BOUGHT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

Don't ask me why, but the TIE bomber and TIE interceptor have always been 2 of my favorite Star Wars ships. The other 2 being Y-wing, B-wing, and occasionally I flirt with the A-wing and Star Destroyer. Though the Rebel Blockade Runner and Imperial shuttle are also up there. And I'll admit the Clone Wars Gunship has a certain charm...

Third: Went to Restaurant Japan and had a really nice dinner. Alex disapproves of their Kimchee, but he also notes that's because the only good Kimchee is his mother's recipie, and that every other Korean in the world would probably say the same. (Altered for each particular mother, of course.)

Fourth: Drove back here. Sleepy, chatting with people, doing some light RP with Jono.

Have a meme.
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It's been a long, long, long day.
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Whoops. Was planning to go to OberCon Saturday, and just found out I cannot due to LARP that I forgot was this weekend.


Well, then. [livejournal.com profile] spiralpegasus? Are you still looking at going Sunday? Would you be willing to meet me here and drive from Wooster with me? (In 1 car, obviously.)
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Must not spend.
Must not spend.
Must not spent.

Willpower weaaaaaaaak....


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