May. 4th, 2004

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Today is frustrating because it started busy, and I was occupied, and it was good. Now, however, I'm solving the various problems, but there's increasingly less to do except get my stuff ready to move to the new building (it's all boxed except the stuff I use on a day to day basis), or to wait for the phone to ring.

I'm getting bored, and my mind wanders. Which, while it can be very entertaining, doesn't lead to anything productive either, especially when my mind wanders down avenues that lead to Lisa.

Hopefully things will pick up, or I'm gonna die of boredom or sexual frustration.
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Reason 20494 that I'll miss this place after I leave:

Upon realizing that all 3 of us had cleared our call queues, my officemates and I celebrated with a rubber band gun fight.
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Well, it was a night for things not quite working out.

My dinner plans fell through because of circumstances. So I was originally going to just make one of my last frozen lean cuisines, but decided I really didn't want to eat the same thing again.

Saw a DQ (Dairy Queen) commercial for a new 'flamethrower' burger that looked /really/ good. Called Kim to see if she'd mind going with so I had someone to carry things. FAILED!

Drove up anyhow, and found out the Wooster DQ franchise doesn't do burgers, fries, or fried anything. DOH! I didn't want to drive to Seville, so instead I got a hot dog and chips. Also indulged in a French Silk Pie blizzard that is sittign in the freezer for now.

Then I had to take back roads due to traffic, and got a bit lost. But on the upside, it was a beautifully clear twilight to drive in, and I found my way home.

All in all, I got a beautiful drive in the country and a decent night out instead of in the basement. And that is worth quite a lot, friends.


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