Jun. 11th, 2004

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Ah, I see! The dress is a warning coloration. It says, "Keep away, or I will sass you into unconciousness and then crush you with my big yellow butt!"

Oddly enough, I thought of [livejournal.com profile] muttnik and [livejournal.com profile] austenbronte speaking those lines, and started giggling.

Jeesus hell, it's dark outside. And the rain had I-270 down to something like 15' visibility. Much fun!


Jun. 11th, 2004 10:11 am
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Assuming I don't have to drive to Indiana tonight to wrap this apartment crap up, and then back to Columbus the next morning, I'll be getting CoH tomorrow. (No idea when I'll actually get a chance to play, given I've been invited to Alex's graduation dinner, wanting to spend time with Lisa, and other stuff, but hey.)

So. I know PvPforums people wanting me to play on both Virtue and Infinity. Where would the LJ CoH crowd prefer that I start?
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The fax was sent to Perimeter. We're just waiting on them to do paperwork, and Alex and I will not need to go to Indiana. I do suspect we'll be doing some lease stuff tonight, though, with any luck.

Still dark as hell outside, and raining, but it's a better day than it was a few minutes ago.

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[livejournal.com profile] indigoskynet put up a neat Gaelic/Celtic based Zodiac thing.

Date of Birth: February 18 - March 17
Animal: Seal
Gaelic Name: Ron (Approximate pronunciation: Ron)
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Key Words: Spiritual, Loving, Super-sensitive.
Gift Quality or Ability: Seal people tend to have great compassion
and are highly adaptable folk. They are also the romantics and dreamers of
Artistic and emotional. Sensitivity to the other world. Shape
changing and connection with the Faerie folk.
Birthstone: Coral
Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of otter and
goose. Will also relate well to the signs of salmon, stag, and adder.
Difficulties maybe expected in relation to all other signs.

According to this, Lisa is an otter. Something tells me I should not make this comparison often if I want to keep vital bits...

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It's official!

We've got the townhouse! Alex and I are going over tomorrow afternoon to sign the lease.
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Okay, I was bad. Not only did I skip out of work 4 minutes early, but I deliberately ignored a request for me to remote in and install software that came in over self-service right before I signed out of the queue.

Do I feel guilty?


Can't wait for Lisa to get home tonight, tho.


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