Jun. 22nd, 2004

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Good: We have digital cable/internet. We have almost all of Alex's stuff in, and my books are almost all into shelves. My PC is built back up, and the router is in. My car's oil is changed and the dealership here found and fixed 4 under-warranty problems that Doraty either missed or didn't tell me about, 2 of which were parts under factory recall!

Bad: Alex's old 802.11b router doesn't want to transmit through the ceiling, Time-Warner didn't activate the upstairs cable ports and won't be able to until Saturday, we still have to get the rest of Alex's stuff, and thanks to the U-haul taking more miles than we thought, I'm broke until Friday.

Oh, and I have to get a shower curtain.

But, that said, we're home. And my uncle and grand-aunt are bringing the rest of my dishes and suchlike down Sunday, we'll get the cable fixed, and when I get paid, I'll do the rest of the months's bills and buy an 802.11g router, plus have money to sock into savings.

We'll get there.

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Jun. 22nd, 2004 08:39 am
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Unexpected money windfall, yaaaaaaaay!

Checked my AmEx and found out that somewhere in there I qualified to get my line of credit raised by about $600. Still have to be careful, because I want to try to pay the balance off in the next 2 months, thanks, but damn, that's nice.
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There is a user here.

She is the Secretary to some vaguely important executivish guy who is fucking incompetant.

She is of the opinon that if she calls us, we're supposed to drop everything and run across two buildings to fix the problem in person.

If I have to deal with her one more time today, I am going to quit.
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OK, I feel better now.

Finally got off the phone and took a quite late lunch, blew off steam, and fixed myself. Also bought a packet of jellybeans. Mmmm. Jelly Belly for $0.50 at World Market...


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