Jul. 8th, 2004

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You are TK-911 (also known as Reginald 'Mr.
Photogenic' Brown) stationed on Endor!

Man, you hate being so far out in the galaxy. Until
one day, your luck changes. You're out hittin'
some Juri Juice when Luke Skywalker walks up!
Just when you think that your ass has had it,
he turns himself in! Hell yeah! You take him in
and get all the credit for it. Your destiny is
actually pretty good. You do a few full spread
layouts for PlayTrooper Magazine. Woot!

Which Stormtrooper Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Work's been an up and down, up and down thing.

Got the rest of my battletech stuff back, so I'm at full strength plus some stuff that Dave and Mattbert swear is mine, but I don't remember having. OTOH, it's a bunch of Unseen lead, so can't argue. Does mean I need to get paints, brushes, primer, and more hex bases this weekend though. I think Saturday evening and at least part of next week will be spent doing painting.

John from up at Wooster is also still sorting his stuff to give me a list of his collection that he wants to sell. Klegman, Steve, soon as I have those details I'll let you guys know.

Looks like I'm also going up Sunday afternoon to my grandparents to get the remainder of my things and stuff there, and to hear about how the Norway trip went. It should be exciting!
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I thought you might like to see this.

Cosby foots college bills for top grads
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