Aug. 10th, 2004

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Last night started awesome (due to [ profile] dklegman and ESPN NFL2k5), went to hardcore (due to Monster Garage and [ profile] felislachesis's tasty tasty fajitas), and elevated itself to sublime (due to [ profile] skarlette and I finally getting some time to talk and cuddle. Thank you, lovely.)

Administrative note: Sorry, Nikki, Trevor, but I did in fact use the NOLA Saints to make the Steelers my bitch, 34-14.

It always amazes me how Lisa can make a good day even better.

Today has been an odd mix of quiet and madness, capstoned with the announcement that the company is going live on Office 2k3 sometime in the next two weeks. (The same time that we're taking over the Dallas traffic, natch.)

Life will get exciting.

In intense need of good backrubs. Willing to reciprocate. [ profile] skarlette,[ profile] chaoticgoodnik, and/or [ profile] indigopowder should all apply in person with pillows and a bottle of massage oil.

In fact, all three of you might be needed to get what feels like knotted steel cables and rocks out of my back and neck. Best make it a group effort.

Perhaps, in fact, we'll shrink you down to microbial size, load you into a specially designed submarine, and send you into my back to work from the inside out, with intense action, witty dialogue, cheesy representations of my leukocytes, and large doses of lesbian sexual tension to get the teenagers interested.

My back would get relief, and we'd make millions.



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