Aug. 12th, 2004

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Found this in browsing some of the comments of [ profile] mephron's...well, what do we call it? His thingything. Yeah, that'll work. Had to grab the icon for myself.

Work has been eerily quiet.

Like, no electronic tickets and 1 call in an hour quiet.

What's going to happen, I wonder?
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Went home for lunch, decided to get on Alex's laptop on a whim, and caught [ profile] skarlette!

No matter what else happens, it is now a good day.


Aug. 12th, 2004 05:22 pm
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So, on my way home, I stopped to get mail. One of my neighbors was there, walking her dog, a fairly cute little one who looked a mix of a pug and a rottweiler by colour. Small dog. Not threatening at all.

The leash broke on her, and the dog came over to me. Not threatening or anything. She just came over, didn't even bark. Tried to climb my leg a bit to get attention, and I settled her down with some scritches behind the ears.

The owner comes over, totaly apologetic, and I calm her down, saying that it's not a problem, no worries, it's just fine, and I generally just tried to relax her. She looked almost ready to cry.

"Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so worried that you'd be upset that she attacked you!"

I just smiled and sent her on her way. But really...that's not an attack. That's, like, a friendly dog.

Attack? What attack?


Aug. 12th, 2004 08:45 pm
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Cost to ship Motherboard back by UPS 2nd day air w/ $90 of insurance: $24
Cost to ship Motherboard back by UPS ground w/ $90 of insurance: $5.25

UPS 2nd day arrives: Tuesday, Aug. 17th by 10:45am
UPS ground arrives: Monday, Aug. 16th by 4:45pm

Colour me amused.

Got the board shipped out (by ground) after my attempt to ressurect the PC with an IDE controller card failed. (The board didn't want to see it as an IDE source. Oh, well.) Sent it out at Staples. Tried to find the bank on Bethel road, failed, went to the one on 161 instead, drove home.

Looking forward to WoK tomorrow.

And damn, I want to go see Hero when it hits theatres.
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I think I mentioned that Princess had another kitten, and now my parents are trying to place the kitten and Princess because the previous owners apparently moved without bothering to collect their cat. :/

I thought the pet deposit was $300. Turns out it's $150. Going to talk to Alex. It'd be an extra $20 a month on our rent, and while mom and dad can give us litter box and a lot of supplies, food, vet bills, that sort of thing might well pile up.

But at the same time...kitten! KITTEN!

Her name's Patches. Think Poppy's colouration with a bit of tan and ochre patches in her fur. She'd be ready to leave mom in 5 weeks or so. (And yes, I realize that Alison took a cat that was named Princess and named all the kittens with names that start with 'P'. I'm scared, too.)


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