Dec. 2nd, 2004

8? Great!

Dec. 2nd, 2004 11:24 am
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Ok, Blossom, it's your turn.

[ profile] otterblossom's right. We've only met for a very brief period. But that doesn't mean I can't find some very good things to say about her.

Blossom's stood by some of my closest friends while they went through some very traumatic changes in their lives.

She's been brave enough to stand up and come out of the closet, and seems to have found an entire boatful of happiness with her girlfriend. :>

She loves puppies and horsies and her stories about the farm are always interesting!

She has the paitence to stay in the SCA, which everyone knows I tended not to. :D

I've noticed that you try to find good things to say to people, even at the worst times, and you certainly were fun to have around when we were crashing at Trevor's.

Last but not least, I know a lot of you guys tend to do 'thankful fives' every week, or at least thankful threes.

There's a pretty good chance that she invented that, at least for our corner of the web, and it's very nice to have that, some days.

In conclusion? YAY!
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Odd day at work. Not exactly busy, but not so quiet I feel like I can sit and write stuff.

But I wanted to share this, because it's awesome:

Remember that huge amount of work I put into clearing out our inventory and getting our cell phone accounts cleaned up so that stuff we weren't using wasn't paid for?

I just got an email thanking me: I just saved the company ~$9,000 a month. :>

That feels pretty cool.
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One of the fun parts about Livejournal is that sometimes, people end up on your list and you have NO clue where they came from.

[ profile] evilstoryteller is one of those.

Well, that's not entirely true. I think you found me through my comments on Warren Ellis's stuff. Maybe? No clue.

But, hey, it's been interesting! You're a good read, and I appreciate when you leave comments.

Did I mention she's got a webcomic that's gotten some good attention?

But that's really not the coolest part about her.

No, it's not Fudgy the Whale, either. (Though I am terrified and fascinated by that concept.)

You're a Librarian. I love librarians. Librarians are awesome.

And that you also have a good grasp of tech support doesn't suck.

Plus, you're a gamer, and you play City of Heroes.

And you have Lexx icons! Dear lord, that's geeky. And they're of Stan.

I'm a bit scared I remember all that.

But, for all that, glad to have you here.
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So, this is a bit of a take 2 - I did this once before and LJ ate it, and there wasn't enough time to redo while I was at work.


I first met [ profile] canemex when I was an admin at M3, and she took up Tengu Man.

She made a rather impressive imitation of a teenage angstpot boy. Who was also a robot.

She's always pushed the rules, but not in a bad way: She wants to find her own limits, not self-imposed ones. I suspect that's part of why she enjoys Tae Kwan Do. (Note: I'd like to have a sparring match, some day.)

I love that she has found a powerful outlet in her writing, and that she continues to make it a big part of her life. I hope you go all the way with it. And I still get grins when I think that you decided some of my ideas were worth developing. Edit: And the subject of this post just mentioned that one of those ideas, she just got published. Go you, etx!

She's getting ready for the big bad world of college. That's kinda scary. I am an old man. Dammit! But, I do wish her all the luck in the world, and I know that if she shows the same sort of dedication to this as she has to her other challenges, she'll do very welll. (Just don't be afraid to ask us for help!)

I think it's wonderful that she's found a strong center in the Episcopal church. As someone raised in the church, even if I'm no longer praticing, it's nice to have someone who I can talk the dogma, politics, etx with, who shares my concerns about the state of the faith, and who gets the jokes. :D

I think you're going places, kiddo. Remember us when you get there.


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