Jan. 6th, 2009

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  • 20:08 I think everyone here who reads me will have already heard it from him, but just to confirm: Blip's a daddy! Mom, dad, and baby all well. #
  • 21:34 I have earn Mr. Bear! He was delicious. #
  • 21:35 Correction: Mr. Bear was EATEN. End of Line. #
  • 07:35 I'm sure I lose Buckeye cred or something, but I was way more interested in the WJC gold medal game than the Fiesta Bowl. #
  • 08:22 @nhldigest - There's no accountability in the current system. Far too easy to manipulate. #
  • 11:08 @worldmegan - Yay, cupcakes! #
  • 11:52 @Fauxhammer - Juno Reactor? #
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Boy howdy. Haven't used this filter in awhile, but talking with Planty and having some nostalgia + old logs + brain sparks gave me some ideas...

Not exactly M3's old setting, or Planty's WOBC setting, or canon, but maybe with a bit of everything...

Freedom )

...huh. That's already more than I expected to write. This could be interesting...just sorta started writing and I haven't even gotten to the stuff that popped into my head this morning to start the whole idea.

I guess expect more of this? Hopefully.
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Puck-Rakers just posted an interview with Stefan Legein that makes me feel good about his return. I read his answers and I hear a lot of the kid I saw in 2007 and at prospect camp.

Q: Have you set a timetable on how long you think it will take to reach the NHL?

A: “Doesn’t matter how long it will take. I feel in my heart I will be back here. I just have to wait my chance. I sacrificed the speed with which my NHL career could start by doing what I did. If it takes a little longer I certainly understand why. I’m going to Syracuse to work hard. They told me, ‘Go to Syracuse and be the one who’s working the hardest when we call and ask who’s working hardest.’ Eventually, I want to give them no other choice but to bring me up.”

Good luck, Stefan. I look forward to seeing you in Union Blue.
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AT&T misbilled us AGAIN. The credit I got an in writing confirmation of? Nowhere to be found.

I call the AT&T customer service line an HOUR before they're supposed to close.

I'm kept on hold for 45 minutes and then dumped to a voicemail box that says "Sorry, we have now closed. PLease call back tomorrow."


Used the email form to submit 'A Problem With My Bill!'. I included the confirmation number and the person who I spoke to. Hopefully it helps.

I swear to god, I'm getting tempted to switch to Time Warner just out of spite.
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OK, a bit more of this thing...

Part 2 )

OK, more later. That's at least one thing I wanted to get out today...


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